Sore legs and fish tacos (kind of)

Well well well, this is my first post on the blog and was my body not in agony I would be jumping for joy.  However, today is Saturday and Saturday means running, dancing (contemporary) and dancing (hip hop).  I headed off to the gym (maybe a smidgen hungover) thinking ‘I’m gonna OWN those intervals’ and after about ten minutes on the treadmill decided that perhaps in the future I might want to think about owning a puppy, or a fluffy bunny or ANYTHING that wasn’t torturous, horrendous intervals……But I persevered (never say die!) and was soon in contemporary rolling around on the floor – it’s called dancing ok?

What is my point? I’m not going to lie, I don’t really have one.  I just wanted some build up so I could moan about how I am now on the couch, want another glass of Cava but don’t want to get up.  Mainly because I cant.

However……Before my temporary incapacity I did make some dinner – my own version of fish tacos which basically means they are not really tacos at all but they were delicious.  So I thought I would share a picture and the recipe with you all in case anyone else felt like making my counterfeit tacos…..and why not?


So….they were really fresh and full of flavour but the corn taco was my problem…it ended up being like a corn frisbee really but since I don’t have a dog I could throw it for I decided to eat it anyway and I am glad I did.  So here is the recipe:

One large tomato

quarter of a red onion

half a lemon

cayenne pepper (in powder if you are lazy like me and your legs hurt. excuses excuses)

3 cloves of garlic (I tend to go a little garlic crazy so feel free to tone it down)

a fresh tuna steak

unrefined rock salt

1/2 a cup of corn meal

olive oil


What do I do!!!  What do I do!!!…….relax, it is super easy.

chop the garlic and onion up, chuck it in a bowl, squeeze in the lemon, add some cayenne, mix it up

put a little olive oil in the pan

chop up the tuna and cook it as much or little as you like (I personally like mine a little raw in the middle)

remove it and add it to the other ingredients, mix them up together.

I add a little rock salt but taste it first and see how you feel.

It should look like this, more or less.



For your corn frisbee:

mix half a cup of corn meal with a pinch of rock salt and a 1/4 cup of water.

add some oil to the pan (or if there is enough left from the tuna don’t bother)

chuck it in and pat it down into a tortilla shape

let it cook for a few minutes, turn it over, cook it a few minutes on the other side

et voila!


remove it from the pan, put it on a plate, scoop your tuna mix on top and enjoy!


Well, I hope you enjoyed my first rambling and you make my tacos….I don’t know why my corn tortillas didn’t work so if anyone can shed any light on it please do!

Happy Saturday!






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