The Norwegian Countdown!

What is it I hear you cry?!?!?!

Is it a strange way to count down where one minute is really ten minutes?  (Well, a Norwegian mile is 10km…)

NO! It is the happy fact that in only two nights and one day I will be winging my way through the sky to see my big sister in sunny Norway! Blog 029

Well, not so much sunny Norway as extremely rainy Norway and I’m not going to lie, this slightly miserable weather forecast has put a dampener on our mountain climbing plans but since I have been assured that we can still eat Kvikk lunsj (think Kitkat) and drink excessive amounts of red wine, I’m happy as Larry.

Now my sis, Lolly, has lived in Norway for a while now and as I love both her and travelling I have been a few times.  I’ve climbed some mountains, seen the Fjords and Pulpit Rock and been to the oil museum (which involved a completely out of focus, educational, yet interesting film that later turned out to be in 3D and I hadn’t picked up any glasses…).  In short, there are lots of things to do in Norge.  The people are super nice and never fail to astound you with their perfect English, the scenery is magnificent and the smoked halibut is to die for……

So…this weekend Eats Drinks and Thinks will be presented by The Webster Sister Duo! But before I get carried away telling you all the things we are going to be telling you later let me tell you about Jo Nesbo…..

Jo NesboAnyone who read my top ten books post will know all about Webster Improving Xmas Books and a couple of years ago Lolly’s improving book was The Leopard by Norwegian author Jo Nesbo.  As it turned out, I actually read the book before anyone else, then went on my first trip to Stavanger and proceeded to squeal with delight at every turn and declare loudly ‘that’s just like in the book!’, ‘that’s exactly how it was described in the Leopard!’ and so on and so forth.

Actually, at this point I think I should point out I’ve never really squealed in my life.  I did however, do a little jump and clap my hands.  Yes Natalie, that is much cooler.

The book is based on an Oslo detective, Harry Hole, who *shocked face* solves crimes – mainly serial killers.  As is the way, every time I decided to read a bit while alone it would turn out to be a gruesome part and would have me trembling on the couch, jumping at every minuscule noise so if you are a big scaredy-cat like me I would recommend reading it whilst in the company of others.  If, on the other hand, you manage to watch mildly scary movies without looking through the tiny gap between two fingers, you should be just fine.

The Leopard is actually the sixth book in the Harry Hole series and if you decide it might be your thing I would recommend NOT doing what I did and actually being sensible enough to start with the first book.

Total lack of Common Sense 1 : Actual Common Sense 0

If you have ever read a Jo Nesbo book, in or out of order, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below…..

Now…I must pack


Ps. That is such a lie, I am clearly going to do it at the last possible moment.



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