Running, rain and recipes

So I arrived in Stavanger yesterday at lunchtime and was met by Lolly at the airport.  The weather gods had clearly heard my prayers because it was an absolutely gorgeous day; blue skies, crisp and clear.  Today however, I fear I may have angered them as it is now grey and drizzling but it’s ok, I don’t come here for the weather, I come for the craic (which is always in abundance).

Yesterday involved wandering around, drinking wine, shopping, drinking more wine and relaxing.

Some of you may have noticed there is a theme in my posts…yes, yes, it is the wandering around, that is absolutely what I was referring to.

But it’s not all wandering around thirsty, we also did some cooking! I was acting as charming assistant (cough cough) to Lolly and here is what we came up with……..

download (4)First on the agenda – cornflake chicken, adapted from

You will need the following:

1.chicken breast


3.olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, mustard, salt and pepper.


Mix all the ingredients in 3 together in a bowl and taste it to check it is OK.

Mash up a load of cornflakes in a plastic bag, coat the chicken in the sauce, cover it in the cornflake mixture, put it on a baking tray and cook until golden brown.  since it is chicken please check it is cooked all the way through!

download (5)





The main event was supported by our very own quinoa recipe – designed (and delicious) by Just Us! Is there a Nobel prize in cookery?download (1)

To make your very own quinoa concoction follow (as loosely as you so desire) the following instructions:

1. Pour yourself a glass of wine
2. Finely chop 5 cloves of garlic (no vampires in our house), half a red onion, two handfuls of mushrooms ( I have small hands) and one red pepper.
3. Cook one cup of quinoa with a pint of chicken stock, 20 minutes should do the job.
4. Chuck all the veggies in a pan with some olive oil and sauté.
5. Add in the quinoa, mix it all up and chuck it on to a bed of rocket.
6. Job done.

Now you just need to serve it all up as seen below.  Of course, this must be served with wine.

download (2)

You achieved all that in one afternoon Webster sisters!??!  We know, we know. And we haven’t even told you about the cookies we made.

But what about today? Well…….despite the rain, being the virtuous souls that we are we shimmied up to Mosvannet (a beautiful lake) and ran 8km in the rain.  Unfortunately there was a significant lack of hot Norwegian men and an abundance of middle aged fathers.  We will try again tomorrow and hope for a significant improvement.

After all our physical exertion we decided that lunch was most definitely required and went for the most delicious sandwiches ever in Østehuset (The cheese house) and now the world is our oyster! Who knows what will happen! We are off to plan this evening’s culinary delight (again…Nobel prize?) and will report back tomorrow.

Happy Saturday!

Natalie and Lolly

Ps. I did make a very important discovery today – I’m not cut out for the medical profession.  I had to snip my sisters ONE stitch out and after several attempts with a tiny miniature scalpel (given to her by the doctor, I don’t just travel the world with miniature scalpels) I gave up and had to use curved nail scissors.  So now I am going to try my hand at hair dressing. I’ll let you know how that goes later. Fingers crossed (for her, not me).


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