Crossfit, Cheese House (again) and Channing

I LOVE Channing Tatum.

I just thought I’d start with that since I watched Step Up for the gazillionth (can you believe the spell check underlined that word and then didn’t have a better spelling suggestion? Shame on you spell check) time with my sister on Sunday and the man is just unbearably hot.  She had seen it before, in fact we saw it together at the pictures in Canary Wharf when it came out originally, but until a couple of weeks ago she had NOT seen Magic Mike.  The Whatsapp conversation for that went like this:


Lolly:      I’m just about to watch Magic Mike

Me:        Have you seen it before?

Lolly:      No

Me:        Ok, you’re going to need a huge glass of wine and a brown paper bag.


And was I right?……Is Channing Tatum verging on perfect??????  (Flaw – He is married, therefore not available to take me out and start an impromptu yet somehow perfectly carried-out, despite never having been practised, dance routine with me)

So yes, Channing and Step Up was our Sunday afternoon but there was a whole morning to be filled first and fill it we did! YES!

I’m guessing by now you have our/my general early afternoon activity all figured out.

Lunch check.

Wine check.

But seriously, I wish I could make a little ‘scratch and sniff’ sandwich icon for you so you could fully understand the joy of the (same) sandwich I ate for lunch every day at The Cheese House.  Sandwich heaven. Now all I need is Channing Tatum feeding me the sandwich while I sit on his lap and he murmurs ‘Baby Girl, you need more carbs.  After this you should have some cookie dough ice cream and you should definitely have another glass of wine.’

You know what Channing? You are completely right.

I do deserve it because I JUST DO and also because our morning activity was my favourite.

Yup, that’s right.  Crossfit.

We walked to the gym and made up our own CF workout, which was both awful and fantastic at the same time and would have got us both placed in the World Sweating Olympics (they could use little sweat bands instead of the rings – I better patent this idea asap).  We did want to go running again but unfortunately, Norway is not the driest of countries so that idea went quickly out the window but hey ho, the lake isn’t going anywhere.

And if you are thinking ‘her rambling has finally brought us back to where we started’ you are right! And if you are thinking ‘man, does she like to drone on about nothing’ you are also right but cut a gal some slack, I just got back from holiday.

How was your weekend? Did you go anywhere? Do some mad exercise? Eat nice food????

Nearly halfway through the working week kids, stay strong.

Natalie Tatum


2 thoughts on “Crossfit, Cheese House (again) and Channing

  1. Your post was funny….and yes Channing does totally 100% go best with wine.

    Weekend Fun: Friday I went to Crossfit, then I dyed my hair (seriously that’s the ONLY thing I did Friday night)…and it was awesome.
    Sat: 5K, then Crossfit, then wedding. Yep…I ran a 5K then did Crossfit. It was kind of silly, but also…fun! And my calves were killing me.
    Sunday: Watched my favorite Green Bay Packers lose to the Bengals. Ugh. Boo!

    Eat nice food? Pulled pork from a roast pig at the wedding was delish!

    • Thank you!

      I hear you, I love a good Friday night in not doing much, sometimes you just need it!

      Oh, and I love a wedding and pulled pork and Crossfit and running so your weekend sounds pretty good to me!

      (I go to dance class before Crossfit a lot, you’re right – it maybe is a bit silly but when else are we going to fit it all in???)

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