Crazy Lady Alert

Today is one of those crazy days for me.  No, I don’t mean I am more mentally unstable than usual or that I talk to myself even more than any other day, I mean I am busy.  Crazy busy.  I know I really shouldn’t moan since it is all of my own doing but then am I moaning? Not really…just a little (a mini moan, let’s call it mini-oaning).

Why so busy? Well, today is the day that I go straight from work to my hip hop dance class.  I love it.  I get to throw on my trackies and high tops and throw some attitude (tude?) to some of my favourite songs – you feelin’ me fo real?

Ok.  Too much.  Noted.

I then go straight from dancing to my singing class.  Yes, that is correct I am trying to turn myself into white Beyonce and no, I wouldn’t say she had anything to worry about at this stage.

I’ve always loved singing and people would overhear me (not hard fyi when you sing as loudly as I do, I’m relatively certain my neighbours have put a hit out on me) and tell me I had a great voice so one day a few months ago I decided I would sign up to some classes with my wonderful teacher Carolina and now it is on my list of things that I cannot do without!   I sing a weird mixture of songs and styles that have included James Morrison, a Bossa Nova, Gloria Estefan and this week I will be singing a song from Cabaret!  My favourite so far has been my version of Someone Like You, which I am contemplating uploading to the blog but I’ll need to drink a lot before I commit to that one!

So dancing and singing done that just leaves Crossfit.  It was brutal today, not gonna lie but I never wanted it to end.  Not because I am a masochist and run around the Box yelling ‘MOOORE, MOOOORE PAIN!’ but because when CF is over I have to walk home.  Up a very, big hill.

I am pleased to report I made it, although unless you thought I had just borrowed the local homeless man’s laptop (I wouldn’t be surprised if he had one you know, he has practically built himself a fort) then I’m sure you had already figured that out.  I even managed to stretch my calves whilst making a magical quinoa/parmesan/cauliflower concoction to which I will give you all the recipe tomorrow!

ooooo, I can feel the excitement already.

Now I must lie down and maybe never get back up.

Peace out (?!?!?!?!?)



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