Monday Monday

Happy Monday everyone, or perhaps that should just be…Monday everyone.

Four days to go.

I know that my enthusiasm for the start of the week is just brimming over but many of you may be surprised to learn that I am not actually a huge fan of Mondays.  That being said, I am also not a fan of wishing your life away desperately waiting for the next weekend.  I like to think of the working week as time when I go to dance class, Crossfit, singing and a million other activities but that pesky work gets in the way here and there (Be at my desk by 9am? It’s almost like they expect me to DO things just because they give me money).  Ok, it gets in the way a large part of the time but we have to work so much of our lives (and a lot of it not being famous, million-copy-selling authors) that I just think you need to approach it in a more put-up-able-with way.

Yes, today I am going all out on the word inventing, no sense making, grammatically incorrect randomness.  It’s Monday for goodness sake, I’m just pleased I remembered to brush my hair this morning.

Anyway, let’s jump in the Delorean and go back in time to the weekend.  What did I do? Cooked up a storm.  This was partly due to the fact that I am trying to be more organised and have a freezer full of delicious, healthy food so that during the week I don’t have to run around like a lunatic in sweaty gym clothes at 11pm making brekkie/lunch/dinner for the next day and partly because on Saturday morning I didn’t realise it was torrentially raining outside, had all the windows wide open and my lovely plasma TV had a nice long shower thereby preventing me from watching Prison Break until it dried out.

So here is what I made….First up are delicious, super clean, chicken meatballs.  Cue photo……

Blog 044

Daaaaaamn gurrrrrl, they look amazing!!!  Tell me about it, they taste like a party in your mouth so craic on with the making of them…..


1 kilo minced chicken

5 cloves of garlic

1 red onion

1 carrot

1 cup of oats

Two handfuls of mushrooms

2 handfuls of spinach

1 large courgette

1 egg

Rock salt

Black pepper

Chilli (fresh, powder, whatever takes your fancy)



Chop up the garlic, onion, mushrooms, courgette and spinach.

Grate the carrot.

Mix it all together with the chicken mince and oats.

Add in as much or little salt, pepper, parsley and chilli as you like – I like mine to burrrrrrn.

Mix in one egg to bind the mixture.

Form the mixture into balls, place on a lightly greased baking tray and cook for about 30 minutes at 200 degrees C.

Eat them all! No, not really all of them because this recipe makes a lot.

I have seen seventy million gazillion versions of this recipe online (originally on so I am most definitely not claiming it as my own invention but I do make it differently every time.  You can add in whatever veggies you like and take out the ones you hate – it is good with broccoli and red pepper fyi.

Blog 042I also made Quinoa Veggie Cakes (please feast your eyes on the far from professional photo to the left – it’s like a Mama and four babies or a paw print!) I will post the recipe for this culinary delight tomorrow!

I hope you make them, I hope you love them.

Let me know what you put in them and how they turn out!

Prison Break season 3, episode 2 time.  It is getting ridiculous but it won’t watch itself and I need to know what happens.



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