Shopping Sunday

You may remember my not little amount of excitement last Friday about the possibility of sleeping forever and ever when the weekend rolled around and how much did I sleep? Not that much.  Sad face.  Tired face.  Actually, that is a slight lie…..I did sleep about 9 hours on Sunday but after a double shot of Espresso and twenty minutes sitting on the couch looking into space I was already ready for a nap so great was my sleepiness.  It’s a terribly hard life.  However, I didn’t go to sleep, I went to a massivo shopping outlet with loads of well, shops.

Since my friend Schmiz and I had to be back in town in time for our Spa appointment (honestly, we act like we’re minted and then we wonder why we’re not) and I drastically underestimated the length of time it would take us to get to what I am now referring to as ‘The Shopping Mall at the End of the Earth’ we had a very limited amount of time to shop.  All I bought was some new workout leggings and gloves for Crossfit (the pesky bar does a number on your poor hands).  I have made a mental note though to go back and do some serious Christmas shopping in the not too distant future because they had some of my favourite shops including Bimba y Lola. If I had a house I would remortgage it to buy things from that shop namely this beautiful bag:


But who has a spare 228 euro lying around?  Definitely not me.  We can but dream.



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