Qatar here I come….

Why? I hear you cry!  Well, for three reasons……

1. My folks live there and I want to see them on my (real) birthday

2.I haven’t been on summer holidays yet this year

3.Catar in Spanish means to wine taste!

I think they are pretty good reasons myself…, this blog will be coming to you from the sunny desert for a whole week! Bring on the pool!


PS. I even got up this morning and did an Endurance WOD at the Box (morning working out is a miracle):

Core work followed by


1200 run (the last part is a hill…grrr)

5 inverted burpess

20 jumping lunges

1′ rest

It was awful but sooooo good.


It’s my Fake Birthday! hip hop hooray!

So today my friend (Schmiz) and I are having a birthday dinner in the super nice mexican in Lavapies…mmmm mexican food.

Mexican food, Negra Modelo, Margaritas…….game on

My actual birthday is Wednesday and I will be turning 28 then too (as I did last year and will next year whilst only looking 25 in my mind)

I will also be celebrating on Wednesday too with my family but who ever said I can’t have two birthdays? And if so, i would like a 100 item list AS TO WHY NOT………..

Happy Saturday everyone!!!


Anyone else with me on the two birthdays?

So Many Places to See…….

People from THIRTY different countries have been on my blog since I started it a little over a month ago. THIRTY COUNTRIES! I wish I had been to every one of them but unfortunately a lot of them are still on my list for future trips. Some of those places being:

Vietnam – Ohhhhh PHO how I love you

The Philippines – I have never met anyone from there that wasn’t charming

Hong Kong – rhymes with King Kong , enough said.

Brazil. Brazil is a tricky one. I have wanted to go for a long time but I’m not sure my self esteem could take it (and I have pretty good self esteem, anyone of my friends will tell you). For a while I taught English classes to foreigners in an academy in London and every single time I got a new class there would be a Brazilian girl in it and she would be gorgeous. I don’t mean celebrity, photo-shopped, make-up on gorgeous: I mean naturally gorgeous, and the killer? Every new Brazilian student would be the polar opposite of the last one yet still be gorgeous. So you know…..if you have any girlfriends that are getting a bit above their station encourage them to go to Brazil on their holidays, that’ll soon knock ‘em down a peg or two (or 500)

Well, that’s just a snap shot of my list. Realistically, I would like to go everywhere in the world – there is just so much to see and new things to learn but for now, due to the fact that I am ‘monetarily challenged’ shall we say, they are all going to have to remain list items.

So sad, so sad. But, Thank you! To all my visitors! It was lovely to have you, please visit me again soon xxx


What is on your holiday destination list?


Here is a reblog of a lady who I only discovered recently but her stuff is really fantastic…check out her blog whenever you get the chance, she writes some lovely stuff…..

Shawn L. Bird

She held out

her insecurities

cupped in her hands

and asked him

for reassurance,

but he just looked down

his nose at her



He had no

kind word

to give,

no kind heart.


And so she stood

face upturned in

silent misery

and held tight to

the gift

of isolation.

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Crossfit, Clean Eating and Protein Shakes……..

This morning was so weird.  I woke up like a zombie (minus the you know, actually being dead), drank coffee on the metro, more coffee when I got to work and still struggled all day with the exhaustion.  The bandages were quite a struggle too and the desire to eat other humans like a good little zombie.

Which brings me swiftly on to two favourite topics of mine: food and Crossfit.

I love food – pretty much all food unless it is creamy, sweet and wobbles (I don’t even like to be next to someone eating something like Flan….) and I would do Crossfit every day if my body didn’t whinge and moan so much but how do I properly combine the two? Hmmmmmm.

Paleo is no go for me – ain’t no way I am giving up chickpeas…ahhh hummus and carrot sticks.  I do try to clean eat 80/20, which is a kind of new thing for me too – I only started it about three months ago and I LOVE it.

I remember one day (on my YOLO day) I decided I would order pizza from *shall remain unadvertised* and when it arrived I was starving and super excited and then I took a bite and shock. Horror. Tears. End of world. I didn’t like it anymore! It was like the sugar fairies had snuck into the pizza shop and added extra sugar and additives and god knows what else to a formerly amazing pizza!  My initial reaction (after total dismay) was to hunt those fairies down and stamp on them but then I realised that 1. Fairies don’t exist and 2. Maybe my taste buds had just changed???  I think that was the moment when I completely bought into the Clean eating thing.  It is simple really – if it has a load of crap in it, you can taste it and it isn’t good for you… I eat really delicious things that I make for myself with fresh ingredients and I love it.  I still go out for Mexican food – in fact this Saturday is my joint birthday Mexican dinner olé! – and eat chocolate (mainly dark) and I don’t deprive myself but I am strict about 80% of the time and it works really well.

High Five to Clean Eating.

So with all this CE and CF I am losing weight, getting really strong and my running is much better but I don’t sleep enough and I feel like a zombie sometimes.  This makes me wonder if I need to jump on the bandwagon of taking on more protein to help my muscles after my workouts, sleep better and feel more rested in the mornings.  The thing is, I always felt like protein shakes were for dumber-than-a-box-of-hair, hugely muscled in a bad way, ‘I look at myself in the mirror when I lift’, couldn’t run the length of myself, gym bunny men……not to be judgmental at all.  So now what do I do?  I suspect some research may be in order but if anyone has any good advice I am all ears……….


Social Media….now I know too much….

I basically know nothing…or should I say knew nothing….I now have a head full of information that is both amazing and completely terrifying all at the same time.

Oh, why can’t I go back to a time when I didn’t really understand any of it; I did my WODs, I bored you all with my ranting but NO- It has gone too far and I can never go back.

I suppose as a (positive thinking people) writer I should have been more social media savvy before now but I thought that aside from Facebook and Blogging what was the point?  Linkedin is full of people I don’t want to be associated with trying to link to me and Twitter is for narcissistic celebrities who want to let me know what they are spending their fortune on/whose bald head they are snorting cocaine off/ that they have a new DUI every ten minutes and I have better things to do with my time BUT it turns out that it is considerably more than that and I can feel myself getting sucked into the abyss that is SM…or I would feel it if it wasn’t for the fact that my WOD was so hard core tonight I actually can’t feel any of my body at all.  FYI – the best feeling ever, although there was a very brief moment this evening when I thought I might vomit but….did I stop and tweet it? Did I hell.

So, where did I get this new found knowledge?  From a course at work and I am really glad I was on it.  It was only a day and a half but I learnt a lot.  However, on a more serious note we did see a TED video that did make me pause for thought and so I would now like to make you all pause for thought too, cause that’s just how I roll….oh yeah.  So here it is…..let me know in the comments what you think about the topic and also SM in general………Natalie

PS. TED talks are amazing.  Jus sayin’

Is Cheating Really That Bad?

I’m cheating on my novel – with another novel.  Oh no….I feel so bad about it.  I am even doing it on the same laptop.  Every time I open my word document and I start typing I think how different the keys feel on my finger tips and how different it is writing one compared to the other; Three Girls and a Dog is my true love – I mean, she was there for me from the beginning and I will never leave her but this more recent one is so different, so young and new.  I feel guilty at first when I start to write but then as soon as I get going I can’t think of anything else and all I want is to finish page after page and feel that excitement you always get at the beginning.

And really….what is the problem?  I still go back to my first novel.  I still lie in bed and work on her.  I still love her with all my heart and soul and when I talk about writing, I talk about Three Girls and a Dog – never any other work.  If I can finish one of them off, I’d prefer it to be my first novel and that’s the one that gives me the most satisfaction.  So if she never knows and she is always my number one then that’s OK, right?

Then I find myself thinking about this new one on my metro journey to work.  Imagining her in all her glory…what she is doing right now, where she is going, what might happen to her next???  Then the image of the original book jumps into my head and I find myself wondering the same things and then I think – maybe they would like each other? maybe they would get on really well? but then I stop kidding myself and realise that they are just so different it would never work…so they will have to remain separate for now.  Maybe one day if they are ever in print, I will lean one against the other on my bookshelf and see what happens.  As long as neither of them ever leave me it should be ok.