Prison Break and Quinoa Veggie Cake (nothing to do with each other but it rhymes..)

Prison Break.  I’m on to season three now and yes, it is becoming ridiculous and completely and utterly frustrating but I HAVE TO WATCH IT ALL.  I can’t stop now, I’ve come so far and dedicated so much time (I will never be getting back unfortunately) to it.  Every now and then I turn to my mate Schmiz (spa buddy who is currently staying with me and along for the PB ride) and say ‘I just want to skip right to the last episode of season 4 to find out what happens’ but I will NEVER, EVER do that because it is just not who I am.  I will never fast forward and read the last paragraph of a book and I will never skip to the end of a series.  Things to know about me.  I’m clearly all talk.  If Schmiz suddenly stopped the DVD and skipped right to the end I would probably jump up and scream ‘you can’t do that! Nooooooooooooo’ in a overly loud and dramatic manner.

So PB, season one – brilliant. Season two – getting ridiculous.  Season three – well, here are some of the things we utter on a regular basis whilst watching:

‘Oh for the love of God’

‘Come on, seriously? Again?’

‘This is the most annoying programme I have ever seen’


‘This is so frustrating’

‘When is Bellick going to die?’

‘I love Sucre’

Why is it so annoying? Well because just when you think it is all going to be OK it isn’t.  Something else completely unrealistic and well, stupid happens.  I know, I know, did I ever think a show about a guy who covers his whole body in tattoos that are a map to the prison and subsequent escape plan, gets himself incarcerated so he can break his brother out of death row, uncover a government/secret service/god knows what conspiracy etc etc was in fact going to be realistic? Well, no.  But the show is full of insanely hot men so I never gave it a lot of thought.

Why am I watching it if it is so annoying then? Five reasons – Michael, Linc, Sucre, C Note, Tweener, oh and the story hooks you pretty early on too, I almost forgot about the story for a minute there.  In conclusion, if you have seen it (and I’m talking every episode right to the end) congratulations on the perseverance.  If you haven’t, get on it and when you get to season three and want to throw things at your telly think of me. You’re welcome  🙂

Right…onto a completely different topic.  There was a sneak peak of this Quinoa Veggie Cake in yesterday’s post but here it is….the full version. Ta Da!

And may I just say, it is delightful.

Blog 041


2 cups quinoa

4 eggs

1 red onion

6 cloves of garlic

A handful of mushrooms

2 handfuls of spinach

1 cup grated parmesan cheese

A courgette

Rock salt

Black pepper




Cook the quinoa, it should take 20 minutes and you will need approx 3 cups of water.

Chop the garlic, onion, mushies, spinach and courgette.

Drain the quinoa and add in the chopped veggies, parmesan, salt pepper and chilli (I use a lot of chilli but it is really up to you how much seasoning you want to add)

Once it is all well mixed add in the eggs.

Blog 042


It is up to you now how you would like to cook them – As you can see in the photo, I made one big cake and then several small ones.

Whichever option you choose, pre heat your oven to 200 degrees C and cook for roughly 20 minutes.  It should be springy to the touch when it is done.


This recipe makes a lot of Quinoa Veggie Cake so feel free to half the ingredients or make the whole lot and have some in the freezer for days you don’t want to cook! PERFECTO!


ENJOY! …muchas gracias…De nada!


What TV shows are you watching and are they driving you mad???


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