Top Ten Reasons I LOVE Crossfit


The word either instils joy or fear in you (or maybe a bit of both depending whether you have started your WOD yet or not) but I am happy to admit that I am an addict and I don’t want help.

1. It is never the same twice

2. It is hard (gigangta understatement) but progress comes quickly (unless you are me and you are talking about squats…they hate me)

3. I always look forward to it

4. Everyone there is encouraging and supportive

5. The only competition is with yourself

6. You discover you can do things you never thought you could

7. None of the girls do their hair or wear make-up to work out ( up there in my top five pet hates – I may dedicate a whole post to this later such is my annoyance)

8. I always leave feeling completely high

9. In two weeks I went from girlie press-ups to real press-ups

10. Without any other training my running has improved 300%


So there you have it.  It might seem a little like torture and full of weird code words and exercises you’ve never heard of but I guarantee if you try it once, you’ll want to go back (unless you don’t like exercise in which case you will probably cry, run out and start an anti-Reebok campaign).

Now I’m off to check the WOD and maybe panic a little.



8 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons I LOVE Crossfit

  1. Great post, your list is quite inspirational, I don’t do crossfit yet, I am currently doing bootcamp. But reading your list I feel that I could handle Crossfit. Soon I will probably go over to the big kids’ pool and swim without armbands hehe.

      • I have watched the crossfit monkeys (as I will call them for the climbing and swinging) at my studio twice now and each time I feel intimidated cos those peeps (you peeps I suppose) are badass. Soon tho… real soon! Thanks 🙂

  2. This sounds pretty tough to me but you clearly get a buzz from it which is great. What, would you say, is the average age in your class?

  3. I like your list….I do sometimes come to CF right after work, which I have the remnants of makeup left on my face, which then, sometimes turned to sweaty mascara under-eye circles.

    But…yeah, don’t think anyone cares!

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