Total lack of Sensible-ness and Guilt

Dear oh dear…I am my Father’s daughter and my Sister’s sister (that one doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?)

I have the cold.  A swollen throat, blocked ears, generally feeling exhausted and to add insult to injury (har har har, pardon the pun) I seem to have hurt my arm.  Yet, I am feeling sad/guilty about not going to dancing and Crossfit.  This delightful personality trait is one that I share with my Dad and big sis.  They will both tell you that that is not true but deep down inside they know that it is.

it is NOT fair.

I eat clean, I work out, I stretch, I should be invincible.  Or at least be able to hear really, really well.

However, as a mere mortal I suppose that these pesky things happen every now and then.  Now, normal people (yup, sorry all other Crossfitters who may be reading this, plus Dad, plus Lolly – this does not include us) would say to themselves ‘oh dear, this sucks.  Better get some rest and I’ll be fine by next week’.  What do we say???  the following:

noooo, no, no, no….I checked the WOD this morning and it looks amazing, I can’t not go…maybe I could only use one arm?

I’ll just go at 70% effort in Spin class later…

Ok, I’ll just stop when I get to 10km…

Do NOT deny it other crazies…you know who you are and you know that I am right.  How do you make other people understand that it is verging on devastating that you cannot go and do the thing you love? and that one week feels like one YEAR in these circumstances?  You can’t because, dare I say it, we are mental and they are not.  They are right and we are wrong (kind of, I cannot fully accept it yet).

So what is the answer to the problem? No, seriously, that isn’t rhetorical…what is the answer?

My plan is the following…feel bad about it, prod my arm repeatedly whilst muttering ‘stupid arm, stop hurting’, complain incessantly to anyone who will listen, run out of tissues and then hopefully in a week I’ll be back in the game.

I never said it was a cunning plan.

I welcome all sensible suggestions below and yes, I have already thought of getting a new, bionic arm but I just couldn’t cope with all the beeping at airport security.





One thought on “Total lack of Sensible-ness and Guilt

  1. When you are dedicated and addicted to fitness, even the most minor interference with training is extremely annoying. The dangerous – I really mean dangerous – consequence is when you ignore the telltale signs from your body and wind up with a more serious injury or illness. Top of the list of dangers is any intense cardiovascular work when you have a virus. If it’s just a head cold, get off your bum and get out there but, if you have temperature or breathing issues training is out. Why? You risk driving the virus to the old pump, the ticker, where it attacks the heart muscle and causes miocarditis. This kills active young men and women every year. Despite me saying that, I have to admit I knew nothing about it and used to go for a run wearing two track suits with bin bag underneath, to sweat the cold out. Then a GP friend showed me some research and articles from the Times by that great British steeplechaser Chris Brasher (RIP), warning his fellow athletes and giving some scary stories of some who had nearly died and some who sadly did not live to tell their tales.
    So my message is don’t be a wimp but, equally, don’t take unnecessary risks. It’s better to miss two to three days training than to miss a season, or a life.

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