Tendon Schmendon plus good news

I have officially developed a temporary split personality.  I am both super grumpy and excited all at the same time….yes, I am a lunatic but at least I’m not dull??!

Problem numero uno – my sore arm is apparently inflammation in the tendon and needs 10-15 days of rest.  Secretly I already knew this but perhaps was in denial thinking the fairies might come in the night and fix me.  This displeases me immensely – them not coming, not the thought of them.  I mean, what am I supposed to do now?  No dancing, no Crossfit….am I meant to go home straight from work and sit on the sofa watching the TV like a pensioner???? Not Happening.  I can’t do that and be one of those people, I will go crazy.  I will have to go running instead, which leads me on to my Silver Lining……..

My BRAND NEW………drumroll please…Brooks!  and here they are looking all pretty……


Aren’t they just beeeee-autiful! They cost me a pretty penny –better than an ugly penny, one of those ones you definitely do not want to hold between your teeth while you rummage for the rest of your change – oh, who am I kidding? They didn’t cost me a penny, they cost me a fortune! One of those moments when you genuinely think you can hear your debit card crying while it is in the machine, or at least letting out a howl as it is inserted.  It never makes any noise on the way out though because it’s just given up all hope of you ever becoming a sensible spender.

So…this is the happy part of my day.  Fingers crossed my arm gets better asap or I’m going to have to start doing one-armed workouts.


Ps. What trainers do you wear to run?


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