Friday Friday Happy Friday!

Maurice on the bevvy 001


While Hugo and Maurice are sipping away on the Cab Sauv I thought I would wish you all a Happy Friday!  I’d like to take this moment to let you know that my parents are actually the owners of Hugo (Mamas) and Maurice (Dads) and that they took these pictures and sent them to me and now I am sharing them with all of you…….yes, yes, you are correct…my entire family are nut jobs and there is no hope for me at all and I am just fine with that (mainly because I am too mad to care – and I’ve maybe already had a couple of glasses of vino)

So anyway…oh yes, Friday! Finally.  This week has seemed to last forever but finally the weekend has arrived and I am oh so very excited about sleeping.  I am going to rant about all kinds of things on my blog until you are practically wiring me money so I can get physio on my sore arm, get back to Crossfit and dancing and leave you all alone!

Waaaa ha ha ha ha,*tosses cape over shoulder*

So this evening I plan on watching the end of Prison break – but actually the end end. Last ever episode…ahhhh Sucre.  Drinking my delicious red wine, eating yummy lomo and doing a Hugo and Maurice:

Maurice on the bevvy 004


Ahhhhh wine,.


so what are you all up to this weekend???



2 thoughts on “Friday Friday Happy Friday!

  1. What do you mean this week has lasted forever?! You’ve barely worked three days. And one of those I believe you spent in a brewery??!!

    However, I agree with the overriding theme of today’s blog. Wine wine wine wine wine. Speaking if which, I’m approaching code red situation, gotta run…….

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