Día Festivo – National Day

Good morning world!

Yesterday was National Day in Spain which meant that everything was shut including my dance centre.  For the first time ever, that was OK with me because I am still in my ‘rest’ period for my tendonitis, which meant I actually had a guilt free day off. Thank you National Day.  In celebration of this my friends and I decided to go for Spanish lunch.  For those of you who have never been to Spain this does not mean I dressed up, danced flamenco and ate paella (although I can tap dance -which is almost the same surely??? and I do like paella.) this means we met at 2pm, sat down at 3pm and were still drinking (large) amounts of wine and stuffing our faces at 5pm.  Ahhhh Spain, how I love you.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you might have noticed that I kind of have a thing for red wine.  Carrie married herself in Sex and the City for gifts no? Maybe I could marry wine and register for gifts at a Bodega? Just a thought.

London and Madrid May 2010 153 IMG_0385 download (8)

So anyway…..yesterday was National Day, lunch was fun, seeing my friends was great and chilling out doing nothing was cool but I am now officially, completely and utterly over not being able to work out.  I feel like I have been eaten by the world’s laziest person, all I need now is to start watching reality TV and the transformation will be complete.  I have now been ‘resting’ for ten days and while it was good at the beginning to have some more free time, I am ready to get back to it.  It has made me realise that perhaps I need a slightly better balance – life wise, not equilibrium wise (I can do a mean relevé) and maybe start trying to get home a little earlier during the week, as in before 9pm a couple of nights but also it makes me really, really, really, totally, super-duperly, insanely glad (I’m pretty glad you see) that I have activities that I love that don’t just include sitting around, drinking with mates.  I have dancing with mates and doing Crossfit with other lunatics and then getting that feeling of floating home all happy and sweaty! Ahhh, beautiful mental picture.

oops, that was a bit of a random rambling.  Gun to my head, bullet point it?

  • I’m bored of doing nothing
  • I love dancing and Crossift and want to start back before I go insane (more insane)
  • I’m glad I have a million interests
  • Balance is mega important in life

Mmmm, there isn’t really a moral to the story, other than maybe skim read things I write?

Happy Sunday!


How was your weekend? What do you think of my bullet points?

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