Oh Positive Mental Attitude, where are you hiding? A two-part post


I looked under all the rocks and I still can’t find it.  Maybe because it HURTS MY ARM SO MUCH to lift them up and it hears me swearing and muttering to myself and makes a run for it.  Maybe it is frightened of me and my mad ranting.  It is highly likely.

Come back positive attitude…I miss you.

So where exactly did it go? Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those people who is 100% positive all the time (or Peppy and totally untrustworthy as I like to call them) but I am usually pretty cheerie.  I like quiet time in the mornings but I am not a grump (unless you decide morning time is question time and then you will incur The Wrath). I don’t get annoyed easily and like to brighten dull situations with some humour but since my arm started to hurt this time around (damn you Ikea table building with a tiny swiss army knife thus causing tendonitis that has now recurred) I am struggling to muster up the old PMA of ‘it will be fine in no time at all’ , ‘I can just run more in the meantime’.


Because all I want to do is Crossfit. I love it. It completes me. It had me at hello….ok, ok, enough of that.

I am effectively in love with Crossfit and not being able to do it is, well, upsetting.

Now, I had a pep talk, albeit it through the cyber space, from my Sis this morning who encouraged me to ‘slap out of it’ (she was going to the crazy place one day and told me to stop her so I slapped her mid rant.  She wasn’t expecting it.  It worked a treat and is now a commonly used phrase in our house) and I really am trying but then my crazy brain, you know….that part that makes up 95% of my entire brain, kicks in and I panic I am going to be set back majorly! I mean, I have made so much progress only doing CF for 9 weeks what if I am now off for 4 weeks and lose it all??????

This is the portion of the madness where I want to throw things and scream loudly but alas, I am also skint and don’t want to have to replace any of my kitchen ware, plus I really love my little Chinese bowls.

Now, realistically and worst case scenario, let’s say I can’t CF* for 4 weeks.  If I keep dancing and running and throw some more treadmill hill intervals into the mix, I will not lose all that I have gained.  I might lose strength in my upper body and that bothers me but if I gained so much in 9 weeks once, I can do it again and anyway, I might not even be off for that long.

There you go, there she is…Hi there PMA! Nice to see you again!  Have a nice wee holiday did you?

She did, she had a lovely holiday.  She loved it so much she is thinking of booking something else.  Really soon.  In fact, she has one foot out the door already.

Help me! HELP ME……I can feel the madness coming and I just can’t stop it………

*Yes, I am now using To Crossfit as a verb


Now, part one of this blog was written this afternoon before I went to dance class.  AND Crossfit.  So what happened?  I decided that I was going to go anyway and take it easy and see how I got on.  Following the advice of Big Sis I just explained to my fantastic Crossfit teacher that I had tendonitis in my arm and needed to take it with a bit of calm (wowzer, there is some Spanglish for you, prizes for anyone who understood that!)  and so I did, and when it came to doing a Snatch she just made me do deadlifts and everything was A OK and I just walked home with a spring in my step and a smile on my face or at least, in my mind I had a spring in my step, to onlookers I may have looked like a drunk dragging themself up the hill.  However, I am now sitting here icing my tendon – as a precaution – and thinking about how crazy I was earlier when I thought I was out of the game.  I think when I get an injury (which isn’t an infrequent occurence) I tend to go into instant panic mode and blow things all out of proportion, as if I was in fact the only person known to man to maybe have a little problem of some description.  And whilst I would like to say I have learnt my lesson, I’m pretty sure next time I will react in the same way.  Fingers crossed this bout of arm pain gets better soon or you may all be subjected to further rants (don’t stop following me – I’ll get better I promise!).  However, for now the storm seems to have passed and I have officially ‘Slapped Out of It’.


Do you go crazy when you get an injury?  Please say yes..make me feel normal….


3 thoughts on “Oh Positive Mental Attitude, where are you hiding? A two-part post

  1. I totally get crazy when injured, but during Part 1 all I wanted to do was scroll down here and tell you to still got to your box, so I’m glad you did. The coaches are there for a reason, and can modify most anything. I actulaly had a broken hand and was in a full fledged hard cast for 5 weeks, but still went (man that cast was stinky!). I ended up doing a lot of circuits of air squats, lunges, hollow rocks, step ups, etc and wearing a weight vest for some of it, but didn’t miss a beat.

    I hope your tendon feels better soon!

    • Hey Nicole!

      Dude you are carayzeeee! haha, yeah I don’t envy the doc that finally had to take your cast off. Totally impressive though! It is just so stressful to think you can’t go though right? Next time I’m feeling ranty I will remember you and your poor broken hand – thanks!

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