You’re having a laugh..?!?!?!

No buskers so far today…good day indeed.

I even got home from work early enough today to have a nap before Crossfit…cyber high five!  As a general rule I’m not a big nap fan, I always wake up with anxiety for some weird reason – yup, I’m a lunatic.  Today though, I was super tired cos I slept horrendously last night and so a nap was very necessary – so nap I did.  Then I went to Crossfit (which was brutal and I loved every minute) and now I am just chilling here on the couch before I go to meet my mates for some beverages (water for me of course) and then head off to the comedy club.

Now….comedy is one of those other things I am weird about.  I love funny people but as a general rule, I don’t usually find comedians funny.  I’m not sure why because friends of mine, who I consider to be funny people, will recommend some ‘hilarious’ comedian to me and then I won’t be all that amused.  I mean, they will make me smile but not laugh out loud.  The only comedians that can make me laugh out loud are Billy Connelly (fellow Scot – got to be funny), Sarah Silverman and Chris Rock.  Strange combo I know.  So my point being, I am intrigued to see how tonight goes and fingers crossed this guy is ‘I should have brought extra pants cos I might pee myself laughing’ funny.  But let’s also hope I don’t actually pee myself.  That’s never a good look.


What comedians do you find funny?


One thought on “You’re having a laugh..?!?!?!

  1. Comedians, well that’s problematic. Stand-ups leave me cold as a rule. It must be me but I like only the raconteurs. Stories I get but gags, well I understand them but they very seldom make me laugh. Like Natalie, I like Billy Connolly, Victoria Wood, those types if comedian.
    Who’s line is it anyway? Now that is really funny but I guess that is improv, rather than comedy, or maybe I interpret comedy too narrowly. However, comedy club nights are usually your basic stand-up crap: the same three old original jokes recycled by altering the names and locations.
    I ought to sign this Scrooge but I Sam being honest.

    Anyone agree with me?

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