Is Cheating Really That Bad?

I’m cheating on my novel – with another novel.  Oh no….I feel so bad about it.  I am even doing it on the same laptop.  Every time I open my word document and I start typing I think how different the keys feel on my finger tips and how different it is writing one compared to the other; Three Girls and a Dog is my true love – I mean, she was there for me from the beginning and I will never leave her but this more recent one is so different, so young and new.  I feel guilty at first when I start to write but then as soon as I get going I can’t think of anything else and all I want is to finish page after page and feel that excitement you always get at the beginning.

And really….what is the problem?  I still go back to my first novel.  I still lie in bed and work on her.  I still love her with all my heart and soul and when I talk about writing, I talk about Three Girls and a Dog – never any other work.  If I can finish one of them off, I’d prefer it to be my first novel and that’s the one that gives me the most satisfaction.  So if she never knows and she is always my number one then that’s OK, right?

Then I find myself thinking about this new one on my metro journey to work.  Imagining her in all her glory…what she is doing right now, where she is going, what might happen to her next???  Then the image of the original book jumps into my head and I find myself wondering the same things and then I think – maybe they would like each other? maybe they would get on really well? but then I stop kidding myself and realise that they are just so different it would never work…so they will have to remain separate for now.  Maybe one day if they are ever in print, I will lean one against the other on my bookshelf and see what happens.  As long as neither of them ever leave me it should be ok.


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