Crossfit, Clean Eating and Protein Shakes……..

This morning was so weird.  I woke up like a zombie (minus the you know, actually being dead), drank coffee on the metro, more coffee when I got to work and still struggled all day with the exhaustion.  The bandages were quite a struggle too and the desire to eat other humans like a good little zombie.

Which brings me swiftly on to two favourite topics of mine: food and Crossfit.

I love food – pretty much all food unless it is creamy, sweet and wobbles (I don’t even like to be next to someone eating something like Flan….) and I would do Crossfit every day if my body didn’t whinge and moan so much but how do I properly combine the two? Hmmmmmm.

Paleo is no go for me – ain’t no way I am giving up chickpeas…ahhh hummus and carrot sticks.  I do try to clean eat 80/20, which is a kind of new thing for me too – I only started it about three months ago and I LOVE it.

I remember one day (on my YOLO day) I decided I would order pizza from *shall remain unadvertised* and when it arrived I was starving and super excited and then I took a bite and shock. Horror. Tears. End of world. I didn’t like it anymore! It was like the sugar fairies had snuck into the pizza shop and added extra sugar and additives and god knows what else to a formerly amazing pizza!  My initial reaction (after total dismay) was to hunt those fairies down and stamp on them but then I realised that 1. Fairies don’t exist and 2. Maybe my taste buds had just changed???  I think that was the moment when I completely bought into the Clean eating thing.  It is simple really – if it has a load of crap in it, you can taste it and it isn’t good for you… I eat really delicious things that I make for myself with fresh ingredients and I love it.  I still go out for Mexican food – in fact this Saturday is my joint birthday Mexican dinner olé! – and eat chocolate (mainly dark) and I don’t deprive myself but I am strict about 80% of the time and it works really well.

High Five to Clean Eating.

So with all this CE and CF I am losing weight, getting really strong and my running is much better but I don’t sleep enough and I feel like a zombie sometimes.  This makes me wonder if I need to jump on the bandwagon of taking on more protein to help my muscles after my workouts, sleep better and feel more rested in the mornings.  The thing is, I always felt like protein shakes were for dumber-than-a-box-of-hair, hugely muscled in a bad way, ‘I look at myself in the mirror when I lift’, couldn’t run the length of myself, gym bunny men……not to be judgmental at all.  So now what do I do?  I suspect some research may be in order but if anyone has any good advice I am all ears……….


5 thoughts on “Crossfit, Clean Eating and Protein Shakes……..

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  2. No way I’ll give up coffee either…somehow it’s the only vice I have left and I plan on taking it to the grave.
    I have had exactly the same experience with eating clean. I had a takeaway shwarma two nights ago and almost immediately I had stomach pains and I’m still suffering. I hope you enjoy Qatar. 🙂

  3. You do, of course, realize that getting more protein doesn’t have to mean protein shakes, right? I can’t freaking stand shakes. So I EAT more protein. You know like, from food. Or if you’re having a zombie day, brains would work.

    My other big tip is cut the caffeine. On days I caffeinate I have horrific insomnia for days, and have to keep drinking coffee to get thru the day, which creates a really ugly cycle. If I cut it out, or limit it, I sleep much better. 🙂

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