Le holiday c’est finished!

Oh yes, I do not speak any French that is correct.  Actually, that is a lie – I can say ‘My name is Natalie and I’m twelve’ in French.  Not bad, not bad.

So yeah, the holiday is over, no more desert for me (until Xmas that is ho ho ho).  I always feel depressed when holidays are finished – I miss my family, I have to go back to work, real life kicks in again…but then, real life at the moment is pretty good plus I have a mad night out this Friday night that I need to start mentally preparing for (Lend me a time machine anyone? I might be going to need more than three days…these girls are MAD, jus sayin’ – plus it’s our joint birthday nights out, yup still milking the birthday)

………so I think I will pour myself a glass of wine, start my unpacking and think about all the great things that are left to happen in 2013.  Starting with singing Erykah Badu in singing class tomorrow.  I just need to channel the cool, or wear a headscarf, one of the two.

Baaaaaag laaaaaady…..


So how do you get rid of your post holiday blues????




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