Interesting Health & Fitness Observations from my Tiny Brain……

Today I was trying to remember how to work out the present value now, of a hypothetical amount in the future – something I most definitely learnt in the first year of my finance degree but I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out and I came to the following conclusions: One, always ask my sister these things; two, future value calculations are clearly stupid (not sure that one would stand up in court but hey ho) and three, I clearly have a set amount of brain space and when something goes in, something else must come out.  Kind of like ‘what goes up, must come down’ only not really at all but i’m sure you see my point……?

Anyway, that has absolutely nothing to do with what I wanted to write about today except for maybe a tenuous link I could make to drinking too much and loss of memory cells but why would I ever mention that?!?!?! Denial. Denial. Denial.  Moving on.

So, today is day one of the dreaded ‘return from holiday’ and actually so far has been just fine.  However, some things have to change.  I was talking to my parents about Clean Eating (ironically enough whilst eating rhubarb crumble and drinking beer) the other day and explaining how, since I started, I felt so much better and had tonnes more energy and get up and go.  As I was explaining this to them I thought about the last 6-8 weeks and realised that in that time I have slowly slipped off the 80/20 wagon and am now closer to 50/50 (and that may be being generous to myself).  I then considered this alongside my dance classes and Crossfit – CF specifically – and tried to be really honest with myself.  As soon as I did this I realised that in that same time period I have still been going to CF and still adoring every minute of it AND still giving it my all BUT…and there is always a but….I don’t think my all has been as good as my all was before.

*I just re-read this rambling and you can be forgiven if you have lost the will to live but stick in there!*

This displeases me.  What displeases me more is that it is my own fault and I let it last 6-8 weeks.  Now, I am all for a healthy balance and don’t do extremes AND firmly believe that holidays are for fun and that if you eat and drink too much it doesn’t count because, well, you are on holiday (also, nothing has calories on your birthday. FACT) but I clearly have not been on holiday all this time.  It has been the first time I have really slipped so much since I started CE and I think in a way I am glad because it has made me understand the extent to which what you put in to your body really effects the things you can expect of it in return.  I have always eaten lots of fruit ad veg and had a pretty decent balance (wine is made of grapes let’s not forget) but nowadays I look at labels more and I don’t want anything I can’t pronounce in my food and I think about whether my body needs carbs, or protein, or minerals to do the job I am going to ask it to do and since I stopped doing that so much I don’t feel as good.  Revelation? No, I don’t think so: not as much as just affirmation that I was on the right track entirely and it is time to get back on it NOW because everyone knows that tomorrow never comes.

Wow, I feel like Oprah, only white and Scottish and poor and unfortunately, not friends with Shemar Moore.

Am I the only one that has had the light bulb moment?  or did it happen to any of you too?  (and to be clear I mean falling off the wagon and having a revelation, not thinking you were Oprah)


ps. I wonder what information was evicted from my brain by this little gem……


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