Crossfit WOD plus Cool New Product


I think I might have mentioned that before.  This weekend the box was shut because it was another holiday in Madrid – I don’t know but I’m guessing something to do with a virgin, seems to be the standard reason.  So today I was super excited for class and it was a good un!

First up – Max Squat Clean – I’m not gonna lie, i’m not very good at it – I come up too high apparently.  So with the aim of improving technique I stayed at 35 kilo.

Then the WOD.  7 minutes ladder (1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4, etc)

thruster 20 kilo

shoulder to overhead 20 kilo

knees to elbows

2′ rest

7 minutes reverse ladder.

I actually made it back with a minute and 13 seconds to spare but my shoulders were killing me. (I’m still having a bit of trouble with the pesky tendonitis or I might have increased the weight a bit)  It was great though and as usual, I had sweat running down my face like someone had just hosed me down.  Then if you add to that the fact that I went a bit chalk crazy and go very red in the face when I work out, I basically looked like I’d been at a face painting event and come running in from the rain.  Terrific.

SO anyway…I cam home and made myself this delicious dinner!


I actually added a whole lot of hot sauce to it as well because I like it to be like a spicy party in my mouth.  The genius part of the whole dinner was though, that I got to use my brand new POACHETS!  They sell them in Lakeland and they are amazing!  They are basically little pouches that look like tea bags but they are open at the top.
15206_3You sit them in a cup, crack the egg into it, close the top over and put them in the water!  Your egg stays nicely together and then after 6 minutes you just slide them out and onto a spicy hot bed of avocado!  Absolute genius.  I have complete invention envy.

So that’s that.  Monday done and aside from the whole having to work (what is that all about?!?!) it was pretty good!


How were your Mondays?  What’s your favourite invention?


4 thoughts on “Crossfit WOD plus Cool New Product

  1. Mondays are like all other working days: best ignored unless you have interesting meetings with cool people, fascinating work projects, or a good workout in the evening to look forward to (or a hot date if you are under forty).
    There can be only one favourite invention: wine.

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