WOD me baby…just let me nap first

Today, all day, I felt exhausted at work.  That kind of tired where you start to think that maybe you should just have bought those glasses with the eyes painted on the front, used them and seen if you could actually get away with it.  Unfortunately, last time I saw them I was not exhausted therefore thought that only a total eejit (as we say in Scotland)would be stupid enough to ever actually try that, so did not buy them.  Man did I regret that today.  I then started to eye the basket of delicious chocolate on the desk directly behind me wondering if that may be the answer to my complete lack of awakeness but opted against it when I contemplated the sugar crash that would then ensue a little later.  This was not easy, as I’m sure there was actually a real life bunny in a skirt dancing in front of my eyes chanting ‘Cadbury’s chocolate…mmmm so yummy’.  No joke, that bunny is a bitch.

Note to self: bring a little tub of almonds to work in future for these moments or suffer at the hands of the Bunny Temptress.

Note to self notwithstanding, I think today’s problem had more today with last nights physio and also my terrible night sleep (including dreams where I was in a group exercise class that consisted of us lying naked on the floor in a library like we were upside down turtles…….take that Freud!).  Basically, my sore arm is really a sore shoulder/trapeziums and last night my physio tortured me for an hour and a quarter, which culminated in him sticking black tape on my neck and telling me I might feel slightly more tired than the norm tomorrow (which is today…just to be clear, I’m so helpful).  Had I not had dreams more random and incomprehensible than that movie ‘Inception’ I may have only been slightly more tired but add the two together and Wha Bam!

However, I decided that the best way forward was to go to CF, do the WOD and then go home and make delicious tuna and veggie fajitas with homemade corn tortillas, lick my fingers, smile smugly and go to bed.  I am currently in between the smiling smugly and going to bed, in case you were wondering.

So today’s WOD……badass…loved it, although only now it is over.  This is what we did:


2 hang clean – 2 split jerk

1 set each at 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%

2 sets at 85%

I did my 85% at 30 kilo because as I mentioned the other day I’m trying to get better form in squats (they just don’t like me)


2′ max metre row

2′ box jump

2′ DU (I suck at DU)

2′ KB swing @16

2’SDHP with KB@16

30 secs rest between sets, including last set then


10 burpees

20 press ups

I am not kidding – there was a moment when my heart was beating so fast and sweat was running into my eyes that I wished I’d eaten the chocolate.  Just in case it was my last day on earth.  But then it was over and I was so, very pleased with myself.

Now I am going to turn off my laptop, slither to the floor and crawl to my bed.

Happy Wednesday.  More than halfway.



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