Everyone should wear fat suits

That’s what I‘m talking about.  Today at Crossfit we had to do HSPU (hand stand push ups – for the non CFiiters).  When I say I can’t do them I am not being down on myself and I fully believe one day in a galaxy far, far away I will kick those HSPU’s asses but as it stands, they are kind of kicking mine.  So I am going with the best possible thing I can think of and blaming it on the fact that I weigh a tonne.  Not literally.  Thank god because that would be awkward.  This excuse also works very well for why I am still using a pretty thick band to do pull ups.  So I have decided that everyone else in the Box should be made to wear fat suits so that we all weigh the same and then they would fully understand why I am actually a rock star.  There are only a couple of flaws in this plan as far as I can see and they are the following:

1.Nobody cares if I can do them unassisted or not as long as I am trying my best. (damn team spirit – one less vote for the fat suit)

2.Where on earth would I get 14 fat suits?

3.I don’t actually think I would ever be allowed back in the Box if I voiced my genius idea.

What? You think there are more than 3 flaws in my plan?  Get out.

So there is only one possible thing I can do.  Yup, I need to find a reverse fat suit for me to make myself only 55 kilo.  So if anyone knows where I could find one of them, holla at a sista.

Until that day comes I suppose I am going to have to, shock horror, suck it up, stop whingeing, get on with it and get better ALL BY MYSELF through sheer hard work.  Whatever next.



2 thoughts on “Everyone should wear fat suits

  1. I saw some movie – load of crap with Steve Carell – in which Ryan Gosling did HSPUs. Unless you are a gymnast, they are impossible but the good thing is that we normal mortals keep trying. Go girl!

    • I think you mean Crazy Stupid Love, which is a great movie! hahaha…oh, how tastes differ…nowadays you’ll be hard pushed to find any girl who doesnt love every movie with Ryan Gosling in it!
      There are a lot of Crossfitters who can do HSPU…I fully intend to be one of them one day!

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