Cat Thunder Dome part.2

Not to be confused with Thunder Cat Dome part.2.  That would just be a dome full of Thunder Cats –which would be a genius idea!

First off, it seems that we had a great deal of confusion about which cat was which.  Let’s look past the fact that one is a girl cat and one is a boy cat at this stage – I never claimed to be a vet people – because they are very similar.  So we were calling Willow Whiskers and Whiskers Willow and I am blaming it on the fact that I was traumatised by my physio sticking whopping great needles into my back as soon as I got in from work.

Now, you may have the following image in your head:

I climb the million stairs to my flat (out of breath and guard entirely down)and no sooner is the key in the keyhole but the door is swung open, an arm flies out and pulls me into the hall and Waaa POW…needle in your neck sucker….how do you like me now?

‘Not a great deal’ would have been the answer to that question, so I’m glad that is in fact NOT what happened.  He was kind enough to let me lie down and massaged my shoulders (also painful btw) before he stuck the giant needles into the centre of my muscle contractions whilst simultaneously squeezing the muscle around it.

Ouch.  Double ouch.

SO that is why I was not firing on all cat-recognising cylinders.

After the departure of my torturer, one of the cats (I now know was in fact Whiskers) came out and started moseeing around, sniffing and rubbing his tiny face on everything.  ‘GREAT’ , I thought.  They feel at home.  Then I realised I was a cat down.

Cue panic.

I looked everywhere.  ‘Can a cat fit through a hole the size of a 5 pence’ I wondered?


By this point I was sweating in about 10 degrees C and wondering if I would be able to get away with ‘what other cat?  You only brought me one’ when something under the TV caught my eye…yup….she was in the cupboard.  And that is where she spent all night and all morning.  That is where she ate her dinner and her brekkie and that is where she remains.

So all in all, I’m not sure how my mouse situation is going to goed up but hey….Welcome to Thunder Dome.




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