Suck it up Webster

Finally it is Friday.  This week could not have gone any more slowly if it had been dragging its feet through drying tarmac.

I haven’t been too happy this week, not gonna lie.  I haven’t worked out since last Friday (party weekend plus sore shoulder) and I feel like a cross between a whale and a slug and I feel guilty.

I am a guilty whug.

AND my singing teacher was sick so no singing, which always lifts my spirits.

So now I am a songless guilty whug.

Dear oh dear.

However, today I have slapped out of it.  I have Crossfit tonight and it looks like a good one.  My kind of WOD:

5 rounds of:

Run 400m (which is down and up a steepish hill)

15 OH squat

10 back squat

5 back press

So as you know I hate squats…well, no…I don’t hate them, I actually love them but for some reason I suck at them….I just can’t physically get ass to grass and I don’t know why….?????  but for some even weirder reason, I find it much easier to get lower when I have weights (preferably back squat)I break parallel but I don’t get low like a ho in a 50 Cent video….this is something that really frustrates me (I would actually LOVE to be in 50 cent video).  I have those moments of ‘well, what is even the point, I try and try and I suck’  then I think well…..whingeing isn’t going to make you any better so get on with it…but it is hard when you feel like the special one in class any time they whip out a squat WOD (which is all the time!!!)  but then I look at my JLo ass in the mirror….ok, unfortunately it isn’t a JLo ass yet but it IS closer to it than before and I think….you’re obviously doing something right, keep the faith.  And while having a killer, sticky out ass would be nice I just want to KILL THE SQUATS and get stronger……… any advice from anyone else who ever had the same problem as me would be gratefully received.

In the meantime, I will grab my workout gear, put on my game face and try harder.

Suck it up Webster, as we like to say in my house.



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