Happy Saturday WOD!

This morning I was planning to sleep for eternity but alas, at 9am I opened my eyes to a cat standing on my chest and staring at me so hard it was like he was willing me awake (which he succeeded in doing incidentally).  It would have been hard not to wake up in any case since he was also purring like a freight train.

So, I thought oh well…might as well get up, drink coffee and eat delicious poached eggs on homemade flatbread in preparation for today’s Endurance WOD.

Did I happen to mention that I am actually coming to you from the grave today because the WOD killed me.  Yup, that’s right…today I am a ghost.  Here is the WOD reason why:


6 rounds of 30 secs on, 15 off


back extension


500m row

400m run

40 squat

800m run

40 jumping lunges

800m run

40 squat

400m run

500m row

FYI – the 400m run from the box is down (and back up) a relatively steep hill.

It took me 25:30

Halfway through I felt like my legs were made of concrete but Websters never quit.  Ever.  Family rule – so I kept on going and am actually pretty darn pleased with myself.  I am not one to always quote my WOD results on the blog but I think in about 4 weeks I might redo it and see how I have improved.  Fingers crossed I can shave off at least a minute!  who knows.

Then I went for lunch and ate the most delicious things with a big glass of wine.

Not straight after obviously.  I waited at least an hour!


How were your Saturdays?


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