Well Hidden Abs of Steel

I am copying some of the bloggers I follow.  It’s not particularly imaginative but it is smart and it is clever because their ideas are GOOD so I don’t feel bad for being a wee copy cat:

I’m holding myself accountable on the blog.


Now, you will all know that I am a massive fan of my Crossfit classes and aside from dancing hip hop it is my number one sporting activity but recently I feel like I have plateau-ed.  I am always super hard on myself when it is something I really love and this is no exception but I do think the time has come to step it up a gear.  So, to this end I have decided that I am going to do some hard core work on my abs.  They’re not bad actually from all the machine pilates I used to do back in the day but they are still not great.  If I could shave a layer of fat off my tummy to show them off in all their glory they wouldn’t look like jelly but they would kind of be a two pack divided out over the whole area.  Know what I mean?  Are you forming a weird image in your head? You’re welcome.

Which brings me to the extra work I need to do.  Here is the problem:  I, like most of you other crazies out there, have almost no spare time so I need it to be completely doable and not just doable for a week and then I throw in the towel, stamp on it, use it to mop up spillages (of wine).  So I have designed seven different sets of four rounds of tabata abs.  I’ll decide on the day if I want to do 20’ on 10’ off or 40’ 20’ but either way in the week the goal is to complete the seven different sets.  I cannot back out because it is 16 minutes.  16 minutes is nothing in the grand scheme of things.  I spend more than 16 minutes per day imagining what it would be like to be married to Shemar Moore and hey, I can do that while planking.

So this is the challenge – from now until the 1st of January I am going to Tabata Ab everyday.  Yes, to ab is now a verb and yes, I do invent a lot of strange words and have my own grammar rules.  On the 1st of January (or maybe the day after when I can type without a searing pain shooting through my delicate wine and probably tequila fuelled brain) I am going to tell you exactly how many days I abbed and how many days I skived.  I will even be able to tell you how many minutes in total I abbed for.  Genius.  So please feel free to chase me up for this or if you know any super cool ab exercises let me know.

but more than anything – Wish me luck.




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