Ab Attack Day One

So yesterday was officially day one of TABATA AB ATTACK

And in true sod’s law fashion I woke up with a blocked ear, sore throat and general feeling of rottenness.  C’est la vie folks, the show must go on……However, by the time I got in from work with no Crossfit, no nothing but a lot of coughing and moaning, the only thing I wanted to do was shove on my jammies and sleep.  Which I did but hey, at least I’m not lying to you about it!  Today I have also done nothing and was going to attempt it but after climbing the gazillion stairs to my house and finding it hard to breath I thought I’d just get back into bed (where I currently am no less).

So yes, I will count yesterday and today in my skive days…..oh dear, not an ideal start.

Now, it wasn’t originally my intention to share the tabatas on the blog but my fellow blogger Melissa from Be Silly Be Strong commented the other day to ask if I would be posting the ab workouts because she would join me – everyone likes a bit of company – so here you have what I will be doing tomorrow on the ab front and if you wanna join in feel free….I’m also posting what I’ll be doing on Saturday so you can even get it done before me if you want to (show off).

DISCLAIMER: I am clearly NOT a fitness professional therefore tend to make up the names of the exercises….if you don’t know what it is even after my fantastic explanations leave me a comment or hell, just make it up!  Whatever happens, you do it at your own risk!!!

Also…can I just say that a ‘Six Pack’ in Spanish is  ‘Bar of Chocolate’  mixed messages people…such mixed messages….

Set3 – 40’ on, 20’ off x4






SB roll out – plank position with your shins on the swiss ball then roll your legs into your chest and back out.

KB Figure of 8 – Take your kettle bell in one hand and, with your knees slightly bent, pass the kettle bell around your legs in a figure of eight motion switching hands in the centre.

Side Plank leg out – go into a side plank, on your forearm or hand and then slowly move your top leg out to 90 degrees and back to the starting position.  2x right leg, 2x left leg

Reverse Crunches – exactly what it says on the tin – instead of lifting your upper body to your legs you are going to bring your legs to your upper body.



Replace the SB roll out with a normal plank and alternately bring your knee into your chest.

KBF8 – you can use any normal hand weight you have or if all else fails a bottle of water!



Set 2 – 20’ on, 10’ off x8

SUPERMAN PLANK (hold 5 secs)





S.Plank – is a normal plank but alternately lifting your opposite arm and leg straight out.  Hold for five secs everytime.

Russian Twists – twisting around while drinking vodka is good for my abs???  No.  Sit on the floor, lean back slightly (keeping abs engaged of course), you can choose to lift your feet up off the floor or leave them if it is too hard, then you want to twist your torso around so you are looking to one side and then around to the other.  Hold weights in your hands if you want to make it harder.  Keep the rest of your body still.  Leave your a*se on the floor….twist from the waist

SBRO – see above.

Knees 90 – lie on your back.  Bring your knees up to table position (90 degrees).  Lift your upper body up off the ground with your arms by your sides and now without changing the height of your torso or moving your lower body, reach towards your right side, back to centre and now your left.  What a terrible explanation but it’s as good as it’s going to get I’m afraid.

Now you can do the REAL Russian Twist…

I however, am off to die quietly……thank god tomorrow is Friday.



2 thoughts on “Ab Attack Day One

  1. Love it! Thanks! Question- for the tabata are you doing each exercise for 8 rounds. for example, swiss ball roll out, do the 20 s on and 10 s off for a full tabata round. then start with the next one for 8 rounds?

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