Sunny Sunday

The title may be somewhat misleading.  I mean, it is sunny – beautiful blue skies but it is also pretty baltic.  Oh well, it is December after all.  This means that I have now put up some Chrsitmas decorations and I am very excited by the fact that it is only two weeks and five days until I jet off to Doha for Xmas.  Oh yesssssss…family, sun and loadsa fun.

In the meantime I am being slightly miserable due to the fact that I still have the cold and it doesn’t appear to be clearing up anytime soon.  Damn cold.  However, I will be going back to the Box no matter what tomorrow because I miss it…….although I am a little concerned I may die since I haven’t been for 8 days and I still feel like I can’t breathe when I climb the five floors to my flat…oh well, if you never hear form me again don’t worry, just do some back squats for me (they’re my fave) and if possible sing ‘Girl on Fire’ in your head.  That would be the sh*t.

Which brings me to todays tabatas….(and tomorrows too)

Set 7 – 20′ 10′

SB Roll out

Inside Out Spiderman

Up Down Side planks

KB Side toe touch

OK – the first one you’ll have down by now since we did it the other day.

Inside Out Spiderman – genius name.  I couldn’t think of anything else to call it.  Do a normal plank, then bring your leg to your outside elbow, then your inside elbow.  Switch legs.

UDSP – Go into side plank then lower your hip to the floor and lift up again.  Don’t forget to switch sides.

KB side toe touch – you can use any weight actually.  Stand with feet hip width apart and lean the weight down to your toe then straighten up.  Mekre sure you keep your body straight – don’t twist your torso around.



Set 5

KB Pass Around

Spiderman Plank



KBPA – stand with feet shoulder width apart and pass your kettlebell around your body, switching hands in the middle both front and back.  Keep your core very tight.

SP – normal plank and bring your leg to your outside elbow then switch legs.

Standard – I made this up entirely so bear (bare?) with me.  Lie on your back and lift your knees to table top.  You are going to do standard crunches the 1st time.  2nd time when you lift your torso, extend your right leg, 3rd time your left leg, 4th both legs then repeat.

UDSP –  same as above.

So there you have it….get to it!

I’m now off to slip into a coma on the couch.  Happy Sunday!



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