I’m a soul (wo)man…da da da da da ….

Chrrrrristmas time….mistletoe and WINE and beer and more wine and a GnT and more wine and another beer.  Ahhhhhh, the festive season when it seems to be perfectly acceptable to behave as if you were an alcoholic all in the name of good times and Xmas cheer.  It can’t possibly considered our faults however.  I mean, when every three days you have a Xmas party, Xmas lunch, Xmas dinner, how can you be expected to stand there and sip water while watching others get hammered and dance like they think they are auditioning for ‘So You Think you can Dance?’  If I am going to endure that kind of thing then top me up and pass me the mic because this girl is itching to sing ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ in front of all her work colleagues.  Embarrassed the next day?!?!….who will even remember? Everyone, that’s who.  Plus it will be on Facebook.  Damn you technology.

I had my first Xmas dinner on Friday night, which was delicious and resulted in me crawling home to bed at 5.30am and waking up the next day unsure if I would make it through to Sunday.  The only thing I managed to achieve all day was go out and get my nails shellac-ed (a beautiful dark blue colour, very Xmas I thought).  Then I had another night out.  However, in the midst of Santa madness it was a non Xmas event.  We went to a cool soul club to watch Myron & E do a gig.  It was absolutely fantastic.  Check them out:

It is so nice to do something a little different every now and then instead of the same old same old…I danced my ass off, drank beer, got rid of my hangover entirely and this morning I feel right as rain.  (that phrase makes absolutely no sense to me and since it’s Xmas maybe it should be ‘right as snow’.  Yes.  As they say in Cougar Town ‘Change Approved!’)

Now, I am lolling around on the sofa like a beached whale drinking coffee and while I enjoy relaxing I am raring to go for some Crossfit tomorrow.  I still have a tiny bit of the cold but I think the best way to kill it forever is to sweat it all out in class.  Delightful.  I’m gonna have to try to work super hard this week because starting on Thursday I have Xmas lunch, a Xmas ball and then a birthday party…..

Maybe this year I should ask Santa for a new liver for Xmas? Just a thought.


How many Xmas events have you got this year?


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