91 Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Grampa is 91 years old today and he is amazing.  He is amazing for various reasons but here is a ten point list as to why I have the coolest Grampa in the history of the world:

1.       He takes painting classes and is currently painting a copy of a Camille Pissarro for me, having already given me one of his (very good if I do say so) paintings.

2.       He goes for a walk every day to get his exercise and even plays short tennis.

3.       Last year at Xmas he swam ten lengths of the FREEZING cold pool every day. 

4.       He drinks Bloody Marys.

5.       He has Email and Facebook and even reads my blog.

6.       He comes to Madrid to visit me, is going to Norway to visit my sister and to Qatar to spend Christmas with us all.

7.       He has travelled all over the world and has amazing stories.

8.       He never tires of learning new things.

9.       A great family friend is gay and Gramps it totally cool with it.

10.   He always phones me on my birthday to sing ‘I just called to say I love you’ down the phone to me.

So there are just a few reasons as to why my Gramps is the milk as they say in Spanish and I could go on but he’d probably email me to tell me to stop rambling!


Love, Natalie


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