Juice Me Baby

2013-12-08 13.27.52I bought a juicer…did I tell you all already?  I can’t remember.  Perhaps I should google what veggie is good for the old memory and start drinking it asap.  So I now have Pixie – my coffee machine, Mixie – my blender slash food processor and Jixie – the juicer.

I do name pretty much everything I own, yup, I am a lunatic but hey, they won’t name themselves….

I almost always have a smoothie every morning, it is part of my routine.  I make them on Sunday afternoon and put them in the freezer and then all I have to do is take them out at night and in the morning they are defrosted and ready to go.  However, I then started craving juice too so I did what any sensible person who lives in a tiny flat with no surface space would do and went straight onto Amazon and bought myself one.  My house is now starting to resemble a kitchen appliance obstacle course.

I’m sure I have mentioned before that the walls in Spanish houses are pretty thin – I can constantly hear my neighbour screaming at her kid, to which I retaliate by either playing the song I am learning in singing class over and over again or even better, singing it over and over myself.  It hasn’t seemed to stop her screeching so I am getting a lot of practice in.  However, my other neighbour – who has never done anything to me in any way, is the one I feel slightly guilty about.  This is because now I have Jixie my morning routine has got considerably louder.  It now goes a little something like this:

Wake up

Cry that it is time to get up and I feel like I only just fell asleep

Waste 5 minutes wondering what I could possibly do to not have to get up yet

Actually get up and stumble to the kitchen

Grab all the veggies and shove them in the not very quiet juicer

Drink juice while making coffee in the really not very quiet Pixie

Remove fresh smoothie plus lunch plus snack from fridge to take to work

Get dressed, run around, leave the house, come back for the thing I forgot, leave again, come back for the other thing I forgot, leave again.

I’m sure by now you too are on the side of the (nice) neighbour.  Sorry neighbour but you know if you are ever feeling thirsty I’d be happy to make you a juice.

Which brings me to this: my delicious juice from yesterday……it was so good I would have made another one straight away if I had had enough ingredients but alas, I did not.  I highly recommend you make it as soon as possible, especially if you have noisy neighbours you want to p*ss off.

2013-12-08 13.35.32




What’s your favourite juice/smoothie?


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