Webster Sister Packing Method

I woke up today in a totally foul mood and have been a giganta grump ever since.  It is XMAS for goodness sake! What is wrong with me?  Soon the ghost of Christmas Past will be here and man alive, I do not want to see that – there is a reason I hate video cameras and it has something to do with manic dancing and posing like Lady Gaga.

I actually love Christmas and look forward to it all year but for some reason the festive spirit is evading me today.  It could be because I had a horrid dream last night that I was in a war and having to shoot people and eventually throw someone (who strangely looked like Courtney Cox) off a bridge to her death.  Or it could be because I am tired from all the festivities, still have shopping to do, have two more parties and two more sets of Xmas drinks to go to plus physio plus packing!  I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed and it is making me slightly manic…oh dear. 

In my logical brain I know I am being ridiculous:

‘Too many parties?  Too much fun?  God, you must be miserable.  What a horrible way to spend your time’

But in my non-logical and frankly dominant brain, I am doing this:

‘AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Hiss hiss.  Boo boo. More time, I need moooooore Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmeeee’

Packing is my main concern at this stage in the game.  I am sure at some point I have explained the Webster sister packing method, which goes something like this:

Wait until the night before your early morning flight

Be heading home to pack when convinced by a friend to go for one drink

Head home after three large wines

Open case and leave it on your bed while you watch an episode of New Girl with one more glass of wine (I can’t do it all at once, what am I, a robot?)

Watch just one more episode – I mean, it only lasts 20 minutes and I have to finish my wine

Top up my wine and start to pack

Fill the entire bottom layer of the case with shoes

Pack all my underwear, three pairs of running leggings, six t-shirts and no socks

Whatsapp Lauren to see how her packing is going

Throw in five dresses and some random pairs of tights

Take a break and dance maniacally with myself in the mirror to Beyonce hits

Wonder where my passport is but decide to address that later

Choose some brightly coloured tops to wear with all my self-coloured leggings I later forget to pack

Might as well finish the wine

Pack some trouser and bikinis

Close the case, sit on it and manage to zip it up

SH****************T  I forgot the presents

Open case, squeeze in all presents, close it again

DAAAAAAAAAAAAA*******NNNNNNN I haven’t packed any make-up

Open case, add make-up, close it again

Focus attention on my hand luggage

Decide that I am too tired and will get up extra early to do that

Pass out on bed next to case

The good thing about this method at Christmas is that you get all your presents plus you have no idea what’s in your case either so it’s like a double surprise!!!

I was going to make a determined effort to do sensible, normal-people packing this year but with all the activities I still have to go before Friday morning the original Webster method seems the most likely.  

Oh well, there’s always next year.


Do you pack like us?

2 thoughts on “Webster Sister Packing Method

  1. Ha ha ha, ho ho ho (your post) and erm, boo hoo hoo (my lack of parties)! Somehow I’ve become a vaguely sensible normal person and tragically I pack accordingly. Keep the crazy for as long as you can so that us fuddy-duddies can remember what life BC* used to be like.
    *Before Children.

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