Birthday pressies! yessss!!!



Yup, my birthday was in October, you are correct.  However, I arrived safely in Doha on Friday afternoon where I met my Sis, Mum and Dad and promptly received my bday present from Lolly which was this cool as-all-hell gym bag!!!  Not only is it beautiful, waterproof and super comfy to use it is personalised! See the cool, sparkly NC?  That is my name.  Well, my name is Natalie but you know what I mean!  It’s my nickname.  I am completely in love with it.  A bag with my name on it, what could be more me I wonder? The other cool thing about it is it is made in the UK by a lady entrepreneur, who started small and now you can buy her stuff at   You also have to love a girl who made her own dreams come true, us sisters have got to stick together you know.

So since then I have celebrated my sister’s birthday, made muffins, more muffins, worked out, sunbathed and I have officially become the family juicer.  I don’t juice families to be clear, I make juice for everyone, every morning.  That’s a lot of carrot peeling, jus’ sayin.  So now I must shimmy off to go for a walk on The Pearl and then for cheese and wine.  I love Xmas.



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