WOD, Running and Wine Taps


I have decided that my new socks have powers, or better said that they give me powers. Yes, that’s right, I’m a super hero that helps pretty much no one. Oh dear. On the plus side I have a whole set of them that my sister gave me for Xmas and since I have been wearing them my working out has been A-May-Zing. Yesterday I was all coordinated in pink and I did the following WOD in the gym downstairs:
5 x
800m run
10 weighted back squats
10 burpees
10 triceps dips
10 jumping lunges

I would go so far as to say I actually enjoyed it….. The entire thing! Even the burpees! Madness

Then today I went running, just a quick 5km ( green socks this time in case you were wondering, I know it’s something that would probably have bugged you all day if I hadn’t told you) and It was easy as pie! Rhubarb pie with ice cream. I’m telling you….it’s the magical socks. Thank you Reebok.

‘All this working out on holiday! ‘ I hear you cry! Well yes, but it has been necessary for two reasons really:
The first one being this –

A Wine Tap! Genius. As a girl who is entirely used to drinking wine from the bottle, oops, I mean in a glass but out of a bottle ( my mistake) the wine tap is just the best invention ever. It NEVER runs out! Well, actually in two days it has almost run out but potato tomato, it is still the best invention of our time.
The second reason being this-

For all non Scottish people the bottom one is a traditional sweet we make called Tablet. It is delicious and basically guarantees that if you aren’t diabetic before eating it , you will be afterwards. I risk it though because, well, I am a super hero.

And that is that. I have ten WHOLE days of holiday left so I will no doubt have tried out all my wacko socks, made loads more recipes and got through another wine box before home time. I’ll be sure to report back.

Happy Saturday kids!!!


What have you been doing this holiday?

Ps. I just realised that top pic makes me look like I have teenie tiny legs!


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