Juicing and Elephants

NOT juicing elephants. To be clear.

Let us begin with the little hefalumps……..my very nice mate Sriroop, who is from Lahndan innit (Scottish girl copying Londoners, never ideal) , went to India on holiday last week and on leaving I watsapped him to say ‘bring me an elephant back dude’ to which he replied ‘sure’ so there I was thinking ‘hmmmm maybe he totally will bring me a cute wee trinket elephant, that would be brilliant’ but today at work he gave me this:


HE IS SO SUPER COOL!!! I love him. The elephant I mean but I love my mate too of course! So I will be taking suggestions for names but he is definitely a boy so no girlie names please…..

And that ends the elephant portion of the programme.

On to the juicing.

I regret to inform you that my five day juicing turned out to be three days only. This is not because I was not enjoying it – the juices were delicious and I wasn’t left feeling hungry- it was because on day two of my juicing I woke up feeling, well…shite, for want of a better word. Sore throat, sniffles all round and I literally felt like my head was going to explode straight after my cheekbones fell off my face. I normally get the cold once a year but this year has been awful – this is my third cold and it is because my days go like this:

Flat freezing cold
Heating useless
There is a leak and wind comes in when water isn’t coming in
I go to bed freezing with about 5 layers of blankets
Wake up sweating at 4am
Fall back asleep and wake up freezing when alarm goes off
Go out into freezing cold
Get on boiling metro and start sweating
Get off metro into freezing cold
Get into boiling hot, why am I wearing a sweater dress? Office
Etc etc etc

I could go on but I fear I may be losing you all. So that is why I have the cold. It is also why, on day four I decided to give my body what it wanted, which was chicken and carbs and solid food. For no other reason than when I have the cold I get all catarrh-ee and if I don’t put food in my stomach I feel sick all day. So dear readers, I am sorry to have let you down but I promise it wasn’t through badness, it was through coldness. However, as soon as I am feeling 100% again I am going to start again because I really believe in juicing and all the benefits. I’d even like to (smugly) take credit for the fact that due to juicing every morning on holiday for five people, my 91 year old Grampa just bought himself a juicer because he loved it so much!!! So that is my news for today…..to resume – I got an elephant, I am still sick and had to finish juicing early, I will start again ASAP and my Gramps bought a juicer.

And tomorrow is Friday. Score.

Happy Friday Eve everyone!


Elephant name ideas?


Juicee Saturday…and Sunday, and Monday and Tuesday…..

Morning!!! Actually, I realise it is now nearly mid day and I am not long up but in my defense I stayed up really late watching ‘Wrath of the Titans’ so I feel my lie in is justified. The movie? It was ok but the first one was better ( In my professional movie critic opinion of course).

So this morning I I am drinking this:


Delicious! It is two apples, half a cucumber, two stalks of celery, five carrots and a third of a lime. I wanted to add ginger too but it appears that the ginger fairies didn’t come in the night to restock the fridge (fired) so no ginger for me today.

I have mentioned before my obsession with juicing and this week I am taking it to a new level by doing a five day juicing detox ( it is actually meant to be seven but it is my friend’s birthday lunch on Friday and I am not going to sit and watch them eat steak and drink wine while I drink my juice from a plastic container). Plus for a first juice detox, I think that five days is long enough. I know someone who just completed it (7days) and their eczema entirely cleared up, so I am really intrigued to see what effect it has for me. I am having to alter the recipes a little because I do so much dancing and Crossfit – it would be entirely irresponsible to be only drinking juice and doing so much activity and whilst I am a fan of the irresponsibility (just ask my folks, or anyone who knows me) I don’t want to put my body through that much stress. So the plan is to add more proteins and carbs to my drinks to give my body the fuel it needs to work out…sounds simple enough right?

So I will let you know how I get on…….

Happy Saturday everyone!


Have you ever done a juice detox? What were the results?

My Body Isn’t Talking to Me

And thank goodness because if it was I would probably have to bleep out most of what it was saying. I think the clean version would probably go something like this:

“Really? You go on holiday for nearly three weeks, eat loads, work out a few times, sleep loads, relax and so do I and then you come back to Madrid, make me get up at 7am, work all day, do Crossfit, dance class, run, singing class then come home at 10pm most nights and now you are bitching because I am tired?!?! and because I sucked at running?!?!?!

Yeah. My body has the rage. And it may just have a point. I should try and listen to it more.


Does your body swear at you too?

Holy Hell, my legs hurt


Yup…..that’s how I feel except I am not even attempting to stand. Two days of Crossfit then a 5km run and dancing back to back has reminded me that I am in fact, not superhuman. Bummer cos I was really looking forward to moving things with my mind – like my Fisio from his house to mine.

Delicious morning juice for my tired muscles


I can hardly move. Even taking three steps to the juicer and back over to the fruit makes me whine like a little dog, except I am not little (or a dog to be clear) and instead of a biscuit I want a massage, or to be lightly sedated until the worst of the aching muscles has passed. The worst part of all is I am actually trying not to drink much this month so I can’t even numb the pain with wine. Sweet, sweet, red wine. Although that being said I am meant to be going out this evening so maybe I can indulge a little, and I am going to go running and to dance class this afternoon so I deserve it. That’s it…sold!

“She’s so fickle!”

What’s that you said? I didn’t hear you, I was dreaming of wine.

So….in order to help my tiny, sad liver to work better, and all my organs in fact, I have become a juicing maniac. Not only that but I genuinely feel better: I get in from Crossfit or running or dance class and I crave a big glass of frothy juice; I drank enough on holiday that on more than one occasion I should have had a hangover but I never did; I made juice for five people every morning for 19 days and my sister was thrilled by how nice her skin became; my 91 year old Gramps is now buying himself a juicer because he loved it so much. I’m not saying it works miracles but, conspiratorially whispering, it does. Now, every morning I make a glass of juice as soon as I get up and by 8am I have had six portions of fruit and veg. Yes, that’s right….I am apparently a saint, or an angel – let me just dust off my halo and I’ll be back with you in a jiffy.

I have already been feeling the benefits (and I’m not just confusing juicing with being sober before you ask, I’ve been sober before you know and it didn’t feel like this). I have just started juicing twice a day in the last couple of days so I am interested to see how I feel by the end of the month. I’m hoping for flawless skin and a glowing-ness ( without the pregnancy) and will report back.

Now, after all that healthiness I’m going to get on and drink my double espresso. Seriously.

Happy Weekend!


Do any of you juice? How long have you been doing it and what do you think?

Recipes, WODs and workout leggings

So, surprisingly enough today’s WOD was ok…..I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty sure everyone that looked at me on the metro on my way to the box was wondering why I had fear in my eyes and was sweating in 10 degrees Celsius but it turned out to be ok. Don’t get me wrong, as I type this I can feel all the muscles in my back having a little party and I’m sure I might not be able to walk properly tomorrow but it felt really good to be back. Tomorrow I have class again at 6 and I am going to go powered by my other super cool, new leggings that are Stella McCartney no less…oooo ho ho, how posh! Check them out:

When I got home I was zoobed but managed to find the energy to make myself a juice ( my new obsession, but more on that another day) and some yummy dinner of eggs and guacamole on toast. I realise it doesn’t really sound all that appealing but once you get over the ‘it seems your fridge just vomited on your toast’ thing it is really good.
But! Is it as good as the Coconut Balls, I hear you cry! Well……you will just have to make them both and find out!


2 cups of oats
3/4 cup sunflower seeds
1/2 cup chocolate chips ( I just shoved a load of dark chocolate in a bag and hammered it with a rolling pin – very satisfying may I say)
1/2 cup of peanut butter
1/2-3/4 cup of agave
1/4 cup dried cranberries
1/4 cup desiccated coconut

Put it all in a food processor and mix it together – seriously, that’s it. Genius!

Well, you will then need to make it into balls of whatever size you like and I like to roll mine in coconut too. Once they are all done pop them in the freezer and they will keep for several weeks. When you fancy one, just take it out, wait ten minutes and crack on with the eating.

And that folks….is it for today. Bring on Friday!


What’s your favourite workout gear?