Natalie’s Salmon Lentil Surprise!!! mmmmmmm

First off, I’d like to gloat a little about the fact that I ran another 5km today and knocked 27 seconds off my time AND……then I carried on to 6km – the whole thing took me 33.07 so I am hoping for continued improvement. Gloat gloat gloat. Ok, out of my system now. Sorry about that.

And so……to the main event: the delicious ( if I do day so myself) dinner I made last night along with my sous chef Lolly.


The main reason I know it was good is that my Gramps had three servings and didn’t have one single complaint to make – not even a whimper of ‘I cannae taste the garlic hen’. This is almost unheard of so I took it as a good sign. Also, I’d like to take a moment to recognise the wonderful hand model in the photo : thank you Dad, you’ve got some skills I wasn’t even aware of.

So….to the recipe for my Salmon Lentil Surprise (serves four)


4 salmon fillets
Olive oil
A bulb of garlic (that’s right, no vamps in this house)
One onion
A huge aubergine
Three cups of mushrooms
Salt and pepper
1.5 cups green lentils


First of all finely chop the garlic and onion then gently brown them in a ‘slippy pan’ (you don’t want it to stick) with some olive oil.
Chop the mushrooms and aubergine into tiny, little pieces and add them to the mixture.
Cook them for a while until they soften and then add the lentils, salt and pepper.
Once they are mixed in cover the entire mixture with water and turn the heat down; leave to simmer gently for about 45 minutes or at least until the lentils are soft – the longer you cook it the better it will taste.
When you are so hungry you think you might chew your own arm off, go to the kitchen and chop the salmon into chunks.
Sit the chunks on top of the lentil mixture and wait patiently with a GnT until they are cooked.
It should look like this:


Thank you hand model Lolly.

Finally, sit it all on the middle of the table and let people serve themselves!


And that is all folks! I hope you like it as much as my Gramps.


Have you started your January fitness regime yet?


2 thoughts on “Natalie’s Salmon Lentil Surprise!!! mmmmmmm

  1. Great blog Natalie will definitely try this recipe sounds really healthy and delicious seeing as it was approved by Gramps.

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