Queues…I don’t get it

I am patiently waiting in the airport for my flight back to Madrid and, like every time I am in the airport, don’t understand people who queue to board before boarding has even be announced and then the countless other people who join the queue straight away after boarding has been announced. These people then stand for a good 45 minutes, only to get on the plane and wait for everyone else, including the person who responds to the ‘last call’ to get on. I, on the other hand, use my time wisely to do things such as:

1.Sit down and rest
2.Blog to my devoted readers

Ok…it is 7 in the morning and I can only think of a list of two things….oh no….wait….also play Ticket To Ride. Three things…

So….my next post will be back in my freezing flat in Madrid. Fingers crossed it’s not raining.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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