Delicious morning juice for my tired muscles


I can hardly move. Even taking three steps to the juicer and back over to the fruit makes me whine like a little dog, except I am not little (or a dog to be clear) and instead of a biscuit I want a massage, or to be lightly sedated until the worst of the aching muscles has passed. The worst part of all is I am actually trying not to drink much this month so I can’t even numb the pain with wine. Sweet, sweet, red wine. Although that being said I am meant to be going out this evening so maybe I can indulge a little, and I am going to go running and to dance class this afternoon so I deserve it. That’s it…sold!

“She’s so fickle!”

What’s that you said? I didn’t hear you, I was dreaming of wine.

So….in order to help my tiny, sad liver to work better, and all my organs in fact, I have become a juicing maniac. Not only that but I genuinely feel better: I get in from Crossfit or running or dance class and I crave a big glass of frothy juice; I drank enough on holiday that on more than one occasion I should have had a hangover but I never did; I made juice for five people every morning for 19 days and my sister was thrilled by how nice her skin became; my 91 year old Gramps is now buying himself a juicer because he loved it so much. I’m not saying it works miracles but, conspiratorially whispering, it does. Now, every morning I make a glass of juice as soon as I get up and by 8am I have had six portions of fruit and veg. Yes, that’s right….I am apparently a saint, or an angel – let me just dust off my halo and I’ll be back with you in a jiffy.

I have already been feeling the benefits (and I’m not just confusing juicing with being sober before you ask, I’ve been sober before you know and it didn’t feel like this). I have just started juicing twice a day in the last couple of days so I am interested to see how I feel by the end of the month. I’m hoping for flawless skin and a glowing-ness ( without the pregnancy) and will report back.

Now, after all that healthiness I’m going to get on and drink my double espresso. Seriously.

Happy Weekend!


Do any of you juice? How long have you been doing it and what do you think?


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