My Body Isn’t Talking to Me

And thank goodness because if it was I would probably have to bleep out most of what it was saying. I think the clean version would probably go something like this:

“Really? You go on holiday for nearly three weeks, eat loads, work out a few times, sleep loads, relax and so do I and then you come back to Madrid, make me get up at 7am, work all day, do Crossfit, dance class, run, singing class then come home at 10pm most nights and now you are bitching because I am tired?!?! and because I sucked at running?!?!?!

Yeah. My body has the rage. And it may just have a point. I should try and listen to it more.


Does your body swear at you too?


2 thoughts on “My Body Isn’t Talking to Me

  1. My body is swearing at me right now. consecutive crossfit wods Thurs, Fri, Sat, and a 5km run on sunday and then one more wod Monday has caught up to me. Muscles I didn’t even know existed are mad at me. I’m giving myself a rest tonight.

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