Juicee Saturday…and Sunday, and Monday and Tuesday…..

Morning!!! Actually, I realise it is now nearly mid day and I am not long up but in my defense I stayed up really late watching ‘Wrath of the Titans’ so I feel my lie in is justified. The movie? It was ok but the first one was better ( In my professional movie critic opinion of course).

So this morning I I am drinking this:


Delicious! It is two apples, half a cucumber, two stalks of celery, five carrots and a third of a lime. I wanted to add ginger too but it appears that the ginger fairies didn’t come in the night to restock the fridge (fired) so no ginger for me today.

I have mentioned before my obsession with juicing and this week I am taking it to a new level by doing a five day juicing detox ( it is actually meant to be seven but it is my friend’s birthday lunch on Friday and I am not going to sit and watch them eat steak and drink wine while I drink my juice from a plastic container). Plus for a first juice detox, I think that five days is long enough. I know someone who just completed it (7days) and their eczema entirely cleared up, so I am really intrigued to see what effect it has for me. I am having to alter the recipes a little because I do so much dancing and Crossfit – it would be entirely irresponsible to be only drinking juice and doing so much activity and whilst I am a fan of the irresponsibility (just ask my folks, or anyone who knows me) I don’t want to put my body through that much stress. So the plan is to add more proteins and carbs to my drinks to give my body the fuel it needs to work out…sounds simple enough right?

So I will let you know how I get on…….

Happy Saturday everyone!


Have you ever done a juice detox? What were the results?


4 thoughts on “Juicee Saturday…and Sunday, and Monday and Tuesday…..

  1. Very brave to announce your intention to do five days up front. That’s commitment!
    My personal view is that no juice can be complete without ginger, so you started with a major omission. Excellent blog that made me laugh when I was grumpy.

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