Juicing and Elephants

NOT juicing elephants. To be clear.

Let us begin with the little hefalumps……..my very nice mate Sriroop, who is from Lahndan innit (Scottish girl copying Londoners, never ideal) , went to India on holiday last week and on leaving I watsapped him to say ‘bring me an elephant back dude’ to which he replied ‘sure’ so there I was thinking ‘hmmmm maybe he totally will bring me a cute wee trinket elephant, that would be brilliant’ but today at work he gave me this:


HE IS SO SUPER COOL!!! I love him. The elephant I mean but I love my mate too of course! So I will be taking suggestions for names but he is definitely a boy so no girlie names please…..

And that ends the elephant portion of the programme.

On to the juicing.

I regret to inform you that my five day juicing turned out to be three days only. This is not because I was not enjoying it – the juices were delicious and I wasn’t left feeling hungry- it was because on day two of my juicing I woke up feeling, well…shite, for want of a better word. Sore throat, sniffles all round and I literally felt like my head was going to explode straight after my cheekbones fell off my face. I normally get the cold once a year but this year has been awful – this is my third cold and it is because my days go like this:

Flat freezing cold
Heating useless
There is a leak and wind comes in when water isn’t coming in
I go to bed freezing with about 5 layers of blankets
Wake up sweating at 4am
Fall back asleep and wake up freezing when alarm goes off
Go out into freezing cold
Get on boiling metro and start sweating
Get off metro into freezing cold
Get into boiling hot, why am I wearing a sweater dress? Office
Etc etc etc

I could go on but I fear I may be losing you all. So that is why I have the cold. It is also why, on day four I decided to give my body what it wanted, which was chicken and carbs and solid food. For no other reason than when I have the cold I get all catarrh-ee and if I don’t put food in my stomach I feel sick all day. So dear readers, I am sorry to have let you down but I promise it wasn’t through badness, it was through coldness. However, as soon as I am feeling 100% again I am going to start again because I really believe in juicing and all the benefits. I’d even like to (smugly) take credit for the fact that due to juicing every morning on holiday for five people, my 91 year old Grampa just bought himself a juicer because he loved it so much!!! So that is my news for today…..to resume – I got an elephant, I am still sick and had to finish juicing early, I will start again ASAP and my Gramps bought a juicer.

And tomorrow is Friday. Score.

Happy Friday Eve everyone!


Elephant name ideas?


2 thoughts on “Juicing and Elephants

  1. Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu deity, is credited with making the path to one’s goals smooth and is the god of intellect, learning and letters. I also think he is meant to be auspicious fir the beginnings of new initiatives. So my vote is Ganesh.

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