I’m sorry for neglecting you (again) blog

I feel like since Christmas I have been a really bad blogger.  I have gone from blogging regularly to once or twice (ok, mainly once) a week.  I worry that the blogging social services are going to come and take it away from me and send it to a home for blogs.  I hope it doesn’t fall in with a bad crowd.

So here I am with my  reasons for being a bad blogger:

I am in the process of flat hunting 

Flat hunting is one of those things that I start out really excited about – ‘ooooh, I wonder how gorgeous/huge/sunny/modern all the flats will be???’ – and then quickly lose all excitement when I realise that ‘modern’ usually means built after the 1950s , ‘bright and sunny’ usually means there is one window in the living room and none anywhere else in the house, ‘luxury’ means that they have stuck those squiggly Ikea mirrors up everywhere and you feel like Bruce Lee in the final scenes of Enter the Dragon, and the ‘balcony’ is big enough for one potted plant and actually faces a wall.  So, needless to say I have a seen a few and was slowly coming round to the idea of just getting a big cardboard box and setting up house next to the crazy homeless man down the street but then I remembered he won’t have wifi so it was clearly a stupid idea.  However, I think I may have finally found ‘The One’.  I don’t want to speak too soon and hex myself but it is looking good….loads of fitted wardrobes, nice modern kitchen, pool for summer….I am hoping to finally find the flat that I can stay in for the foreseeable future and not have to move every single year – not that I don’t love lugging furniture up and down five flights of stairs of course.

And then when Shemar Moore and I get married, we will clearly get a bigger place together.

I am just waving goodbye to my third cold of the winter

Yup, three colds.  Yesterday I hardly had any voice, today I sound like a truck driver, last week I had to quit my juice detox, I haven’t been to Crossfit/dancing for 10 days and still sound a little like Darth Vader when I climb the stairs…for all you Luke’s out there I am not your Father.  So enough is enough, today I will return to Crossfit (but take it easy obviously) and I have checked the WOD and am positively thrilled to report that it includes two of my favourite things: hand stand push-ups and box jumps.  All that is missing is wall balls and I would currently be in the corner rocking backwards and forwards.

I borrowed the HOUSE box set from my parents

When one episode finishes, another one starts automatically.  You can’t stop it.

And there it is.  I think you will agree they are all very valid reasons and that blog social services don’t have a leg to stand on.

Tomorrow I will be back (NO LIE) with a delicious quinoa recipe that I invented over the weekend so until then…

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Do you like flat hunting?


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