I’ll Take That Astronaut Suit in Purple Please?

My throat is killing me……I know that recently I have been moaning about being sick but it seems like everyone has a cold and they can’t get rid of it. This year has been extreme for me but now my ear is all blocked and making it very sore to swallow. So I have decided that maybe next year I will wear an astronaut suit all winter long to maintain a constant temperature and avoid all these nasty colds. Yes, it may make it a little hard to eat my lunch and no, I’ve never seen anyone do a hang clean with such a big bit of head gear but what are my alternatives…..at this stage I am just fighting off the desire to stick a cotton bud really far in my ear and to be honest the only reason I’m scared to do it is in case it actually does come out the other side and I’ll no longer be able to kid myself that I actually am a genius in disguise (disguised as the worlds hottest woman of course, I can’t believe you didn’t already know).

So yes, space suit for me next year….unless any of you can come up with a more genius plan?

Didn’t think so.

It was always going to be a hard one to beat.


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