February Blues?

Is it a thing? I think it is a thing. I am at that stage where, even though I adore them, going to dance class or Crossfit or singing is a complete effort. Once I am there I am happy as Larry yet despite the fact that I know this, I still feel like The world is one half of the Velcro and I am the other half anytime I try to go anywhere (worst description ever yet I am not editing it out…..). Basically it is hard to motivate myself. I hate the super dark mornings and the grey skies and the rain blah blah blah. For some reason it doesn’t bother me in December or January because December is Christmas madness and I love Christmas and then January is all ‘new year, new outlook’ but then comes the dreaded February. Too long after Christmas to have residual feelings of joy and too far away from Easter holidays to be thinking about chocolate and not working. Basically what I am saying is I need a good old night out of dancing to classic hip hop and some laughs to jerk me out of my February slumber. Either that or I am going to put forward a motion that February be scrapped all together. We could have another month instead called natember where women don’t have to pay for anything and hot men hold the door open for us everywhere we go. That would help with my blues. Just a thought.

Any good ides for an alternative February?


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