I’m never taking the rubbish out again….

Ok, that is not true but only because no one wants to live in a rubbish tip. After last nights experience I am feeling a little bitter. Ok, a lot bitter and grumpy. I went to take out the rubbish, managed to go down the five flights of stairs no problem (as you would expect from an able bodied 30 something year old) and then as I came out the front door , fell down the last stair and landed on my backside on the floor, rubbish everywhere while three men just stood and stared at me. Once they realised I actually wasn’t getting back up they came over to help me and I scrambled off back into the house whereupon I burst into tears and spent about five minutes trying to get back upstairs without putting any weight on my right ankle. Not easy, may I add, when your stairs are slippy and uneven and you are crying like a little girl. So…….basically I have a nasty sprain, my ankle looks like it swallowed a tennis ball and I can do NO dancing and NO Crossfit for the next week at least. I am trying very hard not to have a breakdown at this thought and so I decided to distract myself with countless (more) episodes of House and this delightful recipe:


No, I am not claiming to have invented green sludge on brown frisbee, I invented avocado, garlic tuna delight on homemade crispbread. Much catchier I think you’ll agree. It is actually delicious and this is how you too can make a feast for your eyes and your stomach…….

In a bowl mix together a tablespoon of flax seed, a little salt, some dried basil and half a cup of wholemeal flour. Add a quarter cup of warm water and mix into a dough. Roll it out on to some foil and put it in the oven for about ten minutes or until brown and, well, crispy.

While it is cooking, get your food processor out and chuck the following things into it:

Five garlic cloves
A grated carrot
Two handfuls of spinach
Some rock salt
A tin of tuna (drained)
One medium avocado

Zoom,zoom, zoom all the ingredients together until it is like a paste. Spread half of the mixture on to your crispbread and enjoy! I also added a tonne of hot sauce to mine but then there about five foods in the world I wouldn’t add hot sauce to so that is no surprise.


Now I am sitting with my foot in a bucket of freezing cold water. What can I say, it’s nothing but fun times with me.

Happy Monday everyone, may you not fall down the stairs.



4 thoughts on “I’m never taking the rubbish out again….

  1. Aww I’m so sorry. I know how you feel I’m just now healing from my very first sprained ankle a little over a month ago and I’m still not 100%. I did mine in a similar fashion. I looked down at my watch to check the time and my foot missed our cement walkway and I rolled my foot, it popped and I landed knee first into the cement. I cried like a baby. My 19 yo son watched the entire thing happen and ended up having to carry me into the house it was embarrassing. Anyways I hope you heal fast hun take care.

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