My Crazy Life – Part Two

It will probably also be the last part although I do like to do things in threes so who knows…….

I want to talk about the juice detox (again). More specifically, how it has changed my way of eating and drinking since I finished it rather than my experience at the time. Before the detox, like many women I think, I had a tendency to eat things even when I wasn’t hungry or to have that extra glass of wine even though I maybe didn’t really want it. When I was feeling grumpy, p*ssed off in general, sad etc I would tend to play the ‘open the fridge, close the fridge’ game. People have been saying it for years: ‘don’t use food as comfort’ but that is much easier said than done. However, since I finished the juicing detox and spent 7 days only drinking juices something inside my brain seems to have clicked. During those 7 days I couldn’t eat anything. I would think ‘oh, I’m really bored, I’ll eat’ but then I would remember I couldn’t and I would have to find a more productive way to get rid of my boredom. This applied to all feelings in general. Plus, when doing the detox you are not mean to do exercise and so you cannot use that as an outlet either – you are forced to deal with anything that is bothering you, you can’t hide your feelings or dampen them down with a square of chocolate, glass of wine or anything else that may occur to you.

As soon as the detox finished and I could eat again I ONLY wanted the food that I genuinely really wanted. WTF? Yes, it doesn’t make much sense…what I mean is that if I was in a bar with my friend and we got a biscuit with our coffee, back in the olden days I would have eaten it. No question of that. Now, if I don’t ‘fancy’ a biccie or I am full I just won’t eat it and instead of ‘trying’ not to eat it but looking at it every five minutes I just plain old don’t want it and forget it is there. But when I want something, I really want it and I thoroughly enjoy it. Like magic. It just ‘happened’ when my detox ended. Maybe it is a miracle, maybe there is a great psychological reason for it or maybe it is magic and later I will fly home on my (golden) unicorn. All I know is that things are different now and in a good way and I am putting it all down to the magic of detoxing…….long may it continue.


Did you ever feel like something just suddenly made more sense to you?


My Crazy Life…..part one

Man Alive, I haven’t blogged for ages and ages but I have an amazing excuse….I moved house and it wasn’t just a drama, it was an Argentinian Telenovela drama. Yup, that’s quite dramatic. In order to not rehash the story for the seven millionth time, I am going to do a probably very long short, bullet pointed version. You’re welcome.

1. I arrange for the movers to come to my house at 11am on Saturday
2. 10am on Saturday they cancel
3. I call a million people who all want a thousand euros and my first born child to move me
4. I find someone at a reasonable price who will move me on Sunday morning at 7am (yes, that is not a typo)
5. I go to dinner at my friend’s house and get home at 5am
6. I get up and move house in 45 minutes
7. I nap for an hour
8. I meet my old landlords to hand over keys, get deposit and three of them turn up thinking I will be alone, try to bully me, make up lots of lies and try to find things wrong with the flat so they can keep my money all because I am moving out.

End of bullet points here so I can rant, and the title of said rant is ‘WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?’

My contract ended. I lived for five and a half months with water leaking in and they didn’t fix it. The window doesn’t shut properly and so it is freezing. Therefore, I decided to move. Because of this they decided that they would become what I can only describe as ‘disgusting people’ and try and treat me like absolute crap. I don’t even want to write down some of the things they said to me and how badly they acted but more than anything, it is the fact that they turned up with an extra person thinking I would be alone. Thank goodness for my friend who came with me is all I can say……

So……that was last weekend but I am now in my super duper, modern, non leaking, beautiful new apartment and I sense the beginning of a new stage in my life. So many things are different but that is for the next post……….

Happy Thursday everyone!


Have you had any terrible landlord experiences?

The End

Of the detox, not the world – don’t panic anyone.

So yes, it finished at nine pm on Monday night with my last juice of the seven days and to celebrate this I got absolutely hammered and ate pizza on Tuesday night.

Just kidding. You didn’t actually believe me did you? I am a lunatic but not that mad……anyway, instead of rambling on randomly I thought I would do what all normal, non egotistical people do and interview myself about the event. Genius? Couldn’t agree more.

remind us what you did exactly?
I drank six fruit/ veggie juices per day but got plenty of calories and good fats from countless avocados that were blended into them.

were you hungry during the detox?
No, not really. I would get hungry at about 3pm every day but that is when I usually get hungry. The only difference was I had to just suck it up and drink water instead of a handful of walnuts but in all honesty, I was hardy ever hungry.

what was the hardest part?
The hardest part was definitely on Sunday when Schmiz and I went out and sat on a terrace and drank fizzy water while everyone else drank nice, cold beers. Also, much to my displeasure, water in bars in Spain is half the price again of beer so I nearly cried when I got the bill and calculated how much money I would have saved had I been drinkety drinking. Also, everywhere we went people seemed to be cooking amazingly delicious things and we basically turned into sniffer dogs. It went a lot like this:

‘Oh my god, can you smell that garlic’
‘Yeah but someone is eating a kebab…..oh god, that smells amazing’
‘Why can I smell fried bacon cubes?’
And so on and so on.

do you feel any different?
I feel amazing. I honestly feel a massive difference in my body and my head. I thought I would feel better when I finished but I never imagined I would feel so much better.

would you recommend it/ do it again?
Without a doubt. It was fantastic and everyone should give it a try at least once.

Thanks so much Natalie for taking the time to talk to us today.
Oh, (fake modesty) you Are soooo welcome.

And there you have it. It you aren’t already getting your juice on then you just don’t know what you’re missing…..get on it!

Happy Thursday! Soon I will be blogging about the moving house I am in the middle of……I hate moving….


Have you done a juice detox?

Challenge Number 2

First of all may I wish you all a very HAPPY FRIDAY!

It took a while to get here but you never know what problems it might have encountered on its way so I’m going to cut it some slack this week. 

Very kind of me?  I agree.  It is mainly because I am quite cheerie today due to the fact that the sun is shining, my headache is gone and my detox has finally started to make me feel good.  As in REALLY good.  I’m not quite at ‘Channing Tatum just gave me a full body massage and is about to make me dinner and stay the night…and the next night …and the next night’ but I am feeling pretty damn chipper.  High Five to you Detox!

Which brings me to challenge number 2….but first, let me set the Friday* afternoon March Madrid scene for you….

You finish work and the sun is shining, it is about 17 degrees, you decide to head off to La Latina – a very nice neighbourhood FULL of bars and restaurants and people – and you sit down at one of the tables outside with your friends and look around at all the big glasses of red wine (cups of velvet) or crisp, cold beers (pots of gold) and wonder what you will have.  The waiter comes and takes your order and soon delivers you your pot of gold and some free snacks and you spend the next two hours drinking delicious beverages, basking in the sun, staring at the passersby and gossiping with your friends and are loathe to move on to anywhere else because you’ll never find another table due to the people EVERYWHERE.  And Spanish people talk in, three Spanish people can make the noise of 9 British/American/French/Insert any nationality that isn’t Spanish people.  In short, you have a great time and don’t get home until 1am.

So….how I digressed…challenge number 2 is to go there this evening with my fellow detoxer and sit in the sun and…wait for it……drink sparkling water.  I know, I almost passed out just writing it down but it is that or become a recluse and I can’t play the piano so I think that that option is out.

So there you have it.  Let’s see how that goes for me…..I will be sure to report back.

May the weekend commence!


*this also happens on a Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Life is weird

All the time really but at the moment it is very weird. I feel like my life has been picked up by the feet and shaken and all the everyday normal things fell out of its pockets and when it was set back down it just didn’t know what to do with itself.

Too long a metaphor? Too confusing? I hear you.

This is what is currently happening:

I fell down a stair (yes, singular) and sprained my ankle pretty badly (that isn’t actually happening, that happened a week and a half ago). Then I was told I couldn’t do any exercise for about four weeks because ankles are fragile and I need to make sure it is properly healed, which means no Crossfit or dance classes until the end of March.

Can we just take a moment to really absorb the NO CROSSFIT or DANCING thing….none? zilch? Yup, that’s right….nada de nada mis amigos. I have had periods of rest from my workout regimes but they were short. Four weeks feels like forever (and I have already been resting for one and a half). And now I have this internal struggle where I panic about it and feel guilty. Why do I feel guilty about not going when I genuinely can’t because of injury? I don’t know why but I definitely do and I am panicking about how hard it will be when I can finally go back and how much fitness I will have lost…but then…what can you do? It is what it is (as Mariah Carey said after massacring the Christmas song at the White House). So I am now going to work and then going home and my question to the world is this:

How do people without hobbies not die of boredom??? What do they do? But seriously…what do they do?

Needless to say having nothing to do is proving a little frustrating for me however, the positive side to this is I am doing my 7 day juice detox, which is going nicely. Yes, I am only on day three and yes, I do seem to have a slight headache I can’t shake off but I think I am starting to feel more positive and healthy in general…..I am genuinely looking forward to next week to see the final result. I think I am going to feel a million dollars! (sideline – American readers – a friend of mine told me the other day that you have to pay tax on lottery winnings!!!!! Is that true? Not that I am planning to win the American lottery or anything…although it would be nice!)

I plan to use this experience to reset my system and then carry on being as healthy as possible, whilst still having treats and wine of course otherwise I would go crazy and end up on the news for breaking into a cake factory at two in the morning whilst intoxicated. Moderation kids, that’s what we all need and that is the plan. That and to get back into my workouts as soon as possible, I am even going to try to add some yoga because I think it complements Crossfit nicely and I enjoy it…and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about right?

It’s nearly Friday…hang in there


Day One Juicing Detox

….has been amazing! I haven’t really felt hungry all day and just had juice number 5 which was amazing and tasted like sherbet! So one day down, six days to go…here’s hoping it stays this enjoyable and I don’t run out of work in a couple of days and head straight to the steak house.

Here is also hoping that my skin glows like a fairy’s too by next week.

Happy Tuesday!


Juice Juice Juice and Steak


This became the most delicious juice ever this morning, which I forgot to take a photo of and I drank so fast that I couldn’t even have poured half into a smaller glass to photograph. It was delicious. I am also excited that my friend has come back to stay for a while and brought with her some spirulina and wheatgrass for our SEVEN DAY JUICE DETOX yes, since I can not do any exercise for three weeks (doctors orders) I decided that it was a good opportunity to do the detox. Plus, I am feeling very frustrated about not being able to do Crossfit or dancing and I am hoping this will give me something positive to focus on instead….fingers crossed. So….tomorrow begins the juicing but today…today is steak day. We are off to an Argentinian all you can eat steak place….

oops, sorry just had to wipe the drool off my keyboard…

….and it is going to be amazing.


Happy Sunday everyone!