Life is weird

All the time really but at the moment it is very weird. I feel like my life has been picked up by the feet and shaken and all the everyday normal things fell out of its pockets and when it was set back down it just didn’t know what to do with itself.

Too long a metaphor? Too confusing? I hear you.

This is what is currently happening:

I fell down a stair (yes, singular) and sprained my ankle pretty badly (that isn’t actually happening, that happened a week and a half ago). Then I was told I couldn’t do any exercise for about four weeks because ankles are fragile and I need to make sure it is properly healed, which means no Crossfit or dance classes until the end of March.

Can we just take a moment to really absorb the NO CROSSFIT or DANCING thing….none? zilch? Yup, that’s right….nada de nada mis amigos. I have had periods of rest from my workout regimes but they were short. Four weeks feels like forever (and I have already been resting for one and a half). And now I have this internal struggle where I panic about it and feel guilty. Why do I feel guilty about not going when I genuinely can’t because of injury? I don’t know why but I definitely do and I am panicking about how hard it will be when I can finally go back and how much fitness I will have lost…but then…what can you do? It is what it is (as Mariah Carey said after massacring the Christmas song at the White House). So I am now going to work and then going home and my question to the world is this:

How do people without hobbies not die of boredom??? What do they do? But seriously…what do they do?

Needless to say having nothing to do is proving a little frustrating for me however, the positive side to this is I am doing my 7 day juice detox, which is going nicely. Yes, I am only on day three and yes, I do seem to have a slight headache I can’t shake off but I think I am starting to feel more positive and healthy in general…..I am genuinely looking forward to next week to see the final result. I think I am going to feel a million dollars! (sideline – American readers – a friend of mine told me the other day that you have to pay tax on lottery winnings!!!!! Is that true? Not that I am planning to win the American lottery or anything…although it would be nice!)

I plan to use this experience to reset my system and then carry on being as healthy as possible, whilst still having treats and wine of course otherwise I would go crazy and end up on the news for breaking into a cake factory at two in the morning whilst intoxicated. Moderation kids, that’s what we all need and that is the plan. That and to get back into my workouts as soon as possible, I am even going to try to add some yoga because I think it complements Crossfit nicely and I enjoy it…and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about right?

It’s nearly Friday…hang in there


6 thoughts on “Life is weird

  1. I hope you get well soon. Years ago I’d just got my body looking half-way decent when I broke my foot and couldn’t train for six weeks. Instead I did Callenetics every day (had to miss our the odd exercise where you weight-bear on your feet) and that worked. It was an old VHS video but it’s pretty much Pilates.

  2. Great post! How long have you been doing crossfit for? Is it hard to get into at first? I’m thinking about starting but I’m a little scared!

    • Thanks!

      I started properly in October of last year and I love it, it is so addictive! It is quite hard core but don’t be scared because you always work to your own level – you never have to lift the same as anyone else and everyone is supportive. The best thing is that it is always different and you never get bored! If you start let me know how you like it!

      • Yes I will do! I do quite intense sprinting classes on a weekly basis, so I’m used to working at that intensity but I just want to get stronger. I’m still thinking about it, but if I join I will let you know how I get on – thanks for the feedback! 🙂

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