Challenge Number 2

First of all may I wish you all a very HAPPY FRIDAY!

It took a while to get here but you never know what problems it might have encountered on its way so I’m going to cut it some slack this week. 

Very kind of me?  I agree.  It is mainly because I am quite cheerie today due to the fact that the sun is shining, my headache is gone and my detox has finally started to make me feel good.  As in REALLY good.  I’m not quite at ‘Channing Tatum just gave me a full body massage and is about to make me dinner and stay the night…and the next night …and the next night’ but I am feeling pretty damn chipper.  High Five to you Detox!

Which brings me to challenge number 2….but first, let me set the Friday* afternoon March Madrid scene for you….

You finish work and the sun is shining, it is about 17 degrees, you decide to head off to La Latina – a very nice neighbourhood FULL of bars and restaurants and people – and you sit down at one of the tables outside with your friends and look around at all the big glasses of red wine (cups of velvet) or crisp, cold beers (pots of gold) and wonder what you will have.  The waiter comes and takes your order and soon delivers you your pot of gold and some free snacks and you spend the next two hours drinking delicious beverages, basking in the sun, staring at the passersby and gossiping with your friends and are loathe to move on to anywhere else because you’ll never find another table due to the people EVERYWHERE.  And Spanish people talk in, three Spanish people can make the noise of 9 British/American/French/Insert any nationality that isn’t Spanish people.  In short, you have a great time and don’t get home until 1am.

So….how I digressed…challenge number 2 is to go there this evening with my fellow detoxer and sit in the sun and…wait for it……drink sparkling water.  I know, I almost passed out just writing it down but it is that or become a recluse and I can’t play the piano so I think that that option is out.

So there you have it.  Let’s see how that goes for me…..I will be sure to report back.

May the weekend commence!


*this also happens on a Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

2 thoughts on “Challenge Number 2

    • Oh Well, it was quite hilarious, they didn’t have any sparkling water so we paid to sit and drink still water and the waiter almost laughed in our faces! And everyone else was sipping on their beautiful pots of gold….oh well! Two days to go!

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