The End

Of the detox, not the world – don’t panic anyone.

So yes, it finished at nine pm on Monday night with my last juice of the seven days and to celebrate this I got absolutely hammered and ate pizza on Tuesday night.

Just kidding. You didn’t actually believe me did you? I am a lunatic but not that mad……anyway, instead of rambling on randomly I thought I would do what all normal, non egotistical people do and interview myself about the event. Genius? Couldn’t agree more.

remind us what you did exactly?
I drank six fruit/ veggie juices per day but got plenty of calories and good fats from countless avocados that were blended into them.

were you hungry during the detox?
No, not really. I would get hungry at about 3pm every day but that is when I usually get hungry. The only difference was I had to just suck it up and drink water instead of a handful of walnuts but in all honesty, I was hardy ever hungry.

what was the hardest part?
The hardest part was definitely on Sunday when Schmiz and I went out and sat on a terrace and drank fizzy water while everyone else drank nice, cold beers. Also, much to my displeasure, water in bars in Spain is half the price again of beer so I nearly cried when I got the bill and calculated how much money I would have saved had I been drinkety drinking. Also, everywhere we went people seemed to be cooking amazingly delicious things and we basically turned into sniffer dogs. It went a lot like this:

‘Oh my god, can you smell that garlic’
‘Yeah but someone is eating a kebab…..oh god, that smells amazing’
‘Why can I smell fried bacon cubes?’
And so on and so on.

do you feel any different?
I feel amazing. I honestly feel a massive difference in my body and my head. I thought I would feel better when I finished but I never imagined I would feel so much better.

would you recommend it/ do it again?
Without a doubt. It was fantastic and everyone should give it a try at least once.

Thanks so much Natalie for taking the time to talk to us today.
Oh, (fake modesty) you Are soooo welcome.

And there you have it. It you aren’t already getting your juice on then you just don’t know what you’re missing…..get on it!

Happy Thursday! Soon I will be blogging about the moving house I am in the middle of……I hate moving….


Have you done a juice detox?


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